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Ortegas + Nacho Libre!


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Who better to team up with Mexican gunslingers than a luchador? He's only basecoated as I wanted to use him at last week's tourney.

I've been thinking about using the Pegasus cactuses for the bases, but will probably go with the Galeforce Nine arid grass.

I painted Perdita with chaps and for some reason gave Francisco knee pads too.




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Looks great! well Ortegas are aleways great but you make them look awesome x3! The only thing i would do is color the base the same tone of brown as you baseing, but then I always paint my bases so unpainted ones just look unfinished to me.

Love dos colors man! Belkeh 1 is right you need some orphans, I think some witchling stalkers could fill that role!

Love the army and love Perdita and her base most of all!


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