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Great job! I'm just starting to paint my western buildings, can you give some insight on your weathering technique? Thanks!

I sort of rushed the paint job on those. I believe I just layed some quick colours and did a dry brush.

HPSoundwave- The Chinese are from 45 adventure or foundry

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Nice and are they called chinese cooks or china man cooks the models themselves. Because I know in alot of old western stuff but the various companies they make distinctions and use some of the old racial names for things as a way of being authentic.

I ask more on the fact that when you search for the minis on foundry that knowing their actual name of product is highly helpful.

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Did a game recently using some of the buildings in Senji's Parade town.

Lots of fun. They added a whole lot to the game, even if we didn't do a whole lot of running around in the buildings themselves. (Some battling in one, but the other was all out in the street.)

Just having them there added a lot of atmosphere to the game. (Like all good terrain does.)

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