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Rasputina and crew


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Nice! What are those tall things in the back? Her pillars? If so, well done. And I really like what you did with the cerberus. I don't think I've ever seen anyone give Rasp red-ish skin before.

Thanks Blank, Yes those are her Ice Pillars (8), I painted the Cerebus in a winter badlands color scheme, and Rasputinas skin is GW Dwarf Flesh. I wanted to do something different for her rather than the Schwartzennagian Dr. Freeze look.

Cool. :)

Are those the lipped bases, completely textured?

Thanks Nathan, they are the standard lipped bases. The bases are crushed up rose quartz painted black and given 3 layers of white drybrush, and the rims of the bases are fine ballast painted slate grey with 5 layers of white drybrush.icepillars002.jpg



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I have to agree with Aldyhide. I like the effects on the model, I think the execution was GREAT, I just think that if they looked more distinct from their bases they'd pop more.

Now, knowing they are your models, I think you should be quite proud of the work you did!

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