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Junes awsome releases... comments?


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Folks, those new releases for June are stunning.

The Scales of Justice was not what I expected.

Poltigiest is nice but nothing outstanding in my opinion.

However, the Stempunk Abominations are just truely abominal. The one with drill arms with his guts spilling out is real perrtty.

Yet again: Fantastic stuff :cheer2:

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The Scales of Justice doesn't look anything like what I expected and I am not sure how I feel about it yet, gotta see it in person before I condemn it.:)

Poltergeist is a beautiful model, not quite how I picture a poltergeist, but with a bluish/white paint job I think it will be perfect.

And the Stempunk Abominations, LOVE EM!!! I foresee those in my future.

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I actually like the Student of Conflict, mainly because he will fit into my Sonnia Criid list, Mainly because I can make the sword look runic-like and the book is there for when he sits around and assists Sonnia.

My g/f (who is learning how to play Lady J) loves the concept of the scales and how they fit into the feel of Lady J

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I'd say the Student of Conflict is my least favorite, and I'm far from disliking it. It's a bumper crop. Poltergeist is amazing and the SPAs are flat out ridiculous awesome. I only wish the Desolation Engine had more in common with them. Less GW Gorger, more junkyard saw blade kickass. But I digress. Amazing work on the June releases, Wyrd.

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Add me to the list of those who love all of this months releases with the exception of the Student of Conflict - which I still think is pretty good.

I love the scales of justice, I know some people said it was not what they expected - I originally had that problem with the enslaved neph - but I am a big fan.

Also really like the EC, the bottom of the mini looks Cthulu-esque to me which I like.

The Poltergeist will be purchased for my Pandora crew but may paint it in a lighter colour scheme.

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