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How to paint the Doppelganger Muscles?


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if your talking about the raw muscle on the back of the model i would start with a base of bleached bone with a bit of dwarf flesh mixed. wash with scab red, then with ogryn flesh or gynomme sepia. first for parts i want to look fleshy and the second wash for parts i wanted to look a little more yellow and infected. highlight with base colours again in parts. if you wanted after you have finshed and varnished you could use watered down citidel water effects or a gloss varnish to give the fleah a more fresh wound look.

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So flesh, I got that.

Towel, I got that.

But the muscles of the Doppelganger, that I don't got.

Thought of colors to get that look?

I am thinking Scab Red for the base, then highlight up, but with what colors?

Not a bad start. The only recommendation I would make is a wash of either brown or purple for the recesses. Straight red color scheme just doesn't pop right for gore. My usual goto for gore shading is purple. don't ask why. I just like it lots. I copied the technique from a guy a looooooong time ago and have used it since.

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Hi guys! Thought I'd chip in here (thanks for bringing it to my attention Dan) since I painted the Doppelganger. :) Her muscles were painted with a 50/50 base coat of P3 Sanguine Base & Sanguine Highlight. From there I highlighted the muscles using GW Dwarf Flesh added to the mix a bit at a time - then brought it up to white on the "shiny" parts. The muscles were washed using GW Inks (Red & Brown heavily diluted all over), then Red, Black & Purple for the bottoms of the muscles & in between very striated muscles. If you don't have access to the OOP GW inks, Vallejo still makes them, or you can dilute paint of similar color and achieve the same effect, though it will take a few more layers to get it as dark.

Hope that helps!

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