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Greatings from Canterbury


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Hi there everyone,

My name is Joe, I herald from sunny Canterbury in England.

I am 28 and am fairly new to the game but have been pushing it at my local club for a little while now, where several people have since got in to it.

I started a long time ago with Necromunda and have progressed through many of the side games that GW introduced, until I got in to Warhammer. Recently I have taken a sojourn in to Uncharted Seas and Malifaux. My interest mainly lies with the making/modelling and playing, due to a hideous case of shaky hands, meaning that painting gets done sporadically when the shakes calm down.

Currently I have the complete set of guild representatives, in varying states if paint, I am in the middle of making a saloon for them to sit/stand in to finish off the scenery. I think the Wild West theme is cool and couldn’t get enough. I have also dabbled with the cult of December, and will be working on a steamfitters gang soon.

I think that explains most things about me, and I will try to get pictures up when things are finished.

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It doesn't that is called sarcasm.

Hey Joe thought I may as well join this site too as the boss has put in the effort...

Ya shuda been there Tuesday we needed some proper judging... cheating little Phil :blowup:

I hope you mean the other one... :doh:

Typical they changed the ronin just after he used them to beat us.


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