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am getting a priority mail shipment together for a deployed novice level painter/new player, all the primers say they cannot be shipped overseas. Any suggestions.

I really don't want to open file and primer the models. Am already going to have to pull and laminate the cards -

I want it to look new not used.

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Why are you filing and primering the models?

Did your customer request it?

They come new with bare metal.

No spray can is going to be accepted by a postal service, they are quite dangerous if heated up or in low air pressure during flight.

I'd actually be quite annoyed if someone removed flash and primered my models, it can remove detail you may have wanted to keep.

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I don't want to file & primer the models, they are a gift. In Iraq soldiers get bored and Malifaux is a great cure. And yes, I also would be major irritated if someone filed my minitures, so planned to send the files, primer and paint. I am a poor painter but good at filing and building terrian.

Which brand of brush on primer is best? I have never used it.

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