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Thunders upgrades


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Are thunders upgrades bad?

Getting back into the game, not been around since second ed.

Did alot of looking and settled on thunders. while looking i got the impression that our upgrades are worse than othere factions.

The passive buffs feel worse than othere factions and we are lumped with actions that you often wont take insted of a second useful passive.

What am i missing to justify useing them

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They have their niche uses.

Take the unimpeded one if you really need it for terrain on a specific board.

Take the no resistance triggers one in certain match ups.

The the hard to kill one on certain models when you need that model to live.

The charge with me one can be fun with certain models.

There are other situations where you'll want one or more of them in your crew.


Upgrades shouldn't be like Lead Lined Coat and always taken.

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I like Silent Protector a lot.

Hard to Kill is just good. Challenge can easily mess with the opponent's plans. And same goes for Take the Hit. 

It's a great package that can often keep the opponent from making the kill when he needs to. 


Masked Agent has a combo on it. It's not completely easy to exploit it but having the option is nice. 

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On 8/17/2023 at 6:24 AM, Harlekin said:

Masked Agent has a combo on it. It's not completely easy to exploit it but having the option is nice. 

Masked on a Yokai can be quite funny. They can charge more than once per activation. They place within 3" when they flicker so can get out of engagement to charge again (and therefore With Me again) even if you don't kill the first target.  That place can also help you set up the 2" With Me requirement.  If needed you can use their bonus before the first charge to set up the With Me ranges.  As minions they get the coordinated attack trigger part of the upgrade and flicker can help you get a mask for it.

The biggest issue with this is that they become 8stone 5/5s with 6 wounds, so you'll lose them once your opponent realizes what just happened.


Jorogumo are another model that takes Masked fairly well. 2" melee range helps make sure you engage a charge target and can give you all sorts of options on placing the With Me model.  They don't have a mask trigger natively, so the upgrade means you'll have a trigger regardless of what you flip. They're fairly beefy so you won't lose the model & upgrade as soon as an opponent looks at them.  The range they can place a model via With Me is kind of funny: 2" with me range + 50mm Jorogumo base + 5" charge + 2" melee range + target opponent's base size + With Me model's base size.  Could be ~15" if the With Me model and opponent are both 50s.

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