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I need help to beat up a little old woman 👵


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This might sound very counterintuitive to Ironsides, but DON'T take a brawl inside Jedzas bubble. You will lose. 

Either push/pull Jedza away or pull out individual models that you want to kill (Ironsides should be good at this) 

Seeker is a very strong keyword, but if you take out The Damned then their movement is very limited. Try and work that to your advantage. 

Good luck : ) 

P.S. Remember not to heal around Jedza. 

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Sheesh! That there ol’ Jedza gal is one tough broad - luckily only had one previous game with her, otherwise I’d been wrecked 🥺

To take Claim Jump and Detonate Charges Jedza brought:

Jedza + Sophie

Mikhail w. Treasure Map

Twiggy and Austera

The Darned

Vernon and Welles



And faced off vs Ironsides trying to make Claim Jump and Research Mission with :

Toni + Mouse


Howard w. Soulstone Cache

Spider Swarm w. Diesel Engine

Gunsmith w. Magical Training



As anyone would suspect, it ended with a big brawl in the middle. Howard - supported by Amina and the steamfitter - did his worst, and managed to take down the Emissary by turn 3. Ironsides suckerpunched the Darned and managed to foil Mikhails bid for the second point of Claim Jump.

The Spider Swarm handled the right flank on it’s own - but a couple of bad choices in activation order meant that I lost it to VW (which had 1 wound left), meaning I only scored 2 points for Turf War and my opponent 3.

Toni Suckerpunched the Darned, and tried to kick Mikhail’s teeth in - but that’s where the Jedza magic kicked in.

Jedza herself was probably a little too cautious - but healing Mikhail and the Emissary was probably good enough and her and Twiggy managed to get a point of Detonate and brought the score to 5-2

The Gunsmith biggest contribution was her magical training and as a diversion. I should probably have looked more into versatility and gotten a second Swarm.


But a good 1st Ironsides game. It was a tough matchup - and maybe not the best for Toni, my choice for schemes was less than sub-optimal 🤫

But Amina/Steamfitter/Howard is quite the combo - whether it’s worth 28 stones is another matter.

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