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Post-tournament title reflection


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This saturday went to the tournament with avaliable title masters (first in our city as far as is know), main idea was to try something new, since i played only McMourning Insanitary.

Round 1 - wedge Corrupted ley lines, schemes i took were research mission and hidden martyrs. Was playing Molly 1 with McMourning 2 (yeap, 2 masters allowed) vs Nexus 1.

First of all i was really nervous about playing agains Nexus for the first time but it turned out that opponent was pretty new to his crew, so it wasnt such terrible. You have necrotic machine to cut off scrap markers and give Rogue Necromancy hands. Tried combo with McMourning 2 steppling Rogue necromancy's attack to crooligan first turn and it was pretty devastatnig - barely killed dr. meredith in 1 activation (1st activation crooligan drops scheme markers, focus, reactivated by Molly, by your side to rogue necromancy, attacks 2 times, second time hits pouncing strike). Also amount of card draw in this crew was realy decent, if you need you can draw 3 cards with last knowledge within RRR aura of McMourning 2. Other than that McMourning 2 makes corpse constructs and going situationally scheming/supporting in kills (nice thig you can give poison to enemy model and push it next to necroting machine with neurotoxins aura).

Round 2 -Corner break the line, took Sebastian Baker as leader, schemes - breakthrough and claim jump on bete noire. Opponent played Euripides 2.

Ohh, that was rough one. I made some mistakes makin roster (took doxy instead of belle) and posotioned groupped up turn 2, so Euripides shoot, hit on negative 2, discards his new tokens, made 2 blasts and flipped 3 severes for 5 damage to target and 3 both for sybelle and sheamus, repeated, hits 3 on target and again blasts for 2 or 3 damage. So, Seanus dies 3 and i become cery sad. Definitely need more practice with him and keeping in mind all those blasts. Anyway ended up like 5-7 lose thanks for Bete Noire and rider kicking cans and making schemes.

Round 3 - played vs only one another resser player on tournament, Jack daw 2 vs Mcmourning 2, standart turf wars, schemes vendetta (Jaakuna - kentaroi 1) and assasinate.

First thing i want to say here is how fascinating McMourning 2 giving 6 upgrades though 1 activation turn 1, just wow. Second thing - you,ll never can make vendetta on kentaroui with 3 upgrades on it, so sad i realised it playing the game. New Jack is great, making crew more mobile and messing with opponents. For expample push tormented models with bonus, move through guilty, which fails duel (placing cards in right way with Jack's wisper upgrade), later hanged just jump to this guilty (or make it with montressor so the will have they activations after that). Hazardous aura from upgrade is huge, this amount of discards you force opponent to is also great, really liked new Daw.

After all i think new McMourning is really strong, Jack 2 feels as kill machine and now i want to try Seamus 2 works well but dont completelly understand how it should be, will thank for any pools or crew advises for him.







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