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Upcoming tournament: advice needed


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I've got an upcoming tournament and am looking for some advice from the hive mind.

The tournament is a little different than normal. It's single master for all three rounds, and you cannot hire more than 15 ss of versatile or OOK models (the OOK cost or any upgrades don't count to this limit) e.g. you can take mech rider and medical automaton. Our current meta is newish and we prefer these rules for now to 1. not overwhelm new players and 2. New players with small model pools don't get disadvantaged.

Assume I have the entire Arcanist collection, what master would you go for and what would your lists be for each of the following games?

Round 1
Strategy: Symbols of Authority
Deployment: Wedge
Schemes: Bait and Switch, Let Them Bleed, Outflank, Catch and Release, Death Beds

Round 2
Strategy: Turf War
Deployment: Corner
Schemes: Hidden Martyrs, Research Mission, Vendetta, Spread Them Out, Catch and Release

Round 3
Strategy: Break the Line
Deployment: Standard
Schemes: Claim Jump, Assassinate, Breakhrough, Detonate Charges, Spread Them Out

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I would agree with Ironsides. With her title she covers an absolute ton of scenarios and is difficult to counter.

The list would largely depend on the opponent being faced but Amina and Fitz are almost always going to get taken.

I also really enjoy gunsmiths but I know that others tend to have mixed feelings on them

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