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Vassal module errata 2021 update


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It's a very minor point (since who even takes a Kamaitachi), but where do we request that a 40mm Dust Devil marker get put in the game?

It's possible to use coffin/piano markers in the meantime, but when there is a need to update the module again it might be nice to put in if not too much trouble.


Speaking of Oni (and a few other Ten Thunders, but not all)


Wanyudo has a name typo in the mod, where it is Wanyadu

Wanyudo also drops scrap using the Ctrl-k kill function, but has no Construct tag.

Most of the Oni models do not have the Living/Beast/Undead/Construct tags, so don't drop corpses/scrap, but the "kill" ctrl-k function drops a corpse for some: Akaname, Amanjaku, Ama No Zako.  The Katashiro, which is a construct and drops scrap is functioning properly.

The Dawn Serpent has the Beast tag and should drop a corpse, but does not drop anything using the Ctrl-k kill function


FWIW, I'm pretty sure these were all in previous mod versions, as they've come up in recent games before this mod and might be hold overs from M2E in most cases.


Also, the mod in general is awesome so thanks to all who have helped create the mod.


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