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Fatemaster Friday - Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink


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‘Fauxtastic Friday Breachers!

This week I want to showcase our newest TTB Penny Dreadful, The Dead Tide! But first, here’s what @The13Fates had to say about planning for game sessions:


For my last campaign, I started by simply flipping through the Bestiary to see what caught my eye. I landed on Void Wretch, then I started asking questions...

See the rest of their reply here!

Now, the Black Friday/Wyrd Birthday Sale saws the debut of Mary “Blacktongue” Bonnet and her frightening crew. The Dead Tide dumps the Fated aboard her cursed ship, and the need to find their way off of it, or face being press ganged into service under Captain Bonnet.

The adventure begins, innocently enough, with an Auction. Hired to act as intermediaries for a wealthy recluse, the Fated bid on some interesting antiques, all of a seafaring origin. Upon receiving the won items, the Fated retire for the evening before meeting their employer. It’s during their sleep that some strange magic takes them from their beds and aboard the Harrow, Blacktongue’s cursed ship that sails perpetually in search of wealth.

Once on the Harrow, the Fated must make their way through the ship, and piece together what happened aboard the ship and the fate of its crew. While they explore and investigate however, the ship seemingly fights with Blacktongue’s will; areas change, the undead crew attack, and all the while Mary Bonnet slings insults and accusations of betrayal. 

The Fated encounter not only the crewmen cursed to man the Harrow, but other prominent members of Blacktongue’s crew, and a more recent “addition” who remains trapped but can provide some valuable information to avoid suffering his fate. As the group fights and investigates their way to the captain’s quarters, Blacktongue’s anger at the supposed betrayal of the Fated grows.

The climax finds everyone face to face with Mary Bonnet, parlaying in order to get what she’s owed. How the parlay turns out is dependent on a few factors, and determines whether or not the Fated suffer a dark curse upon returning from the Harrow. 

Personally, I think The Dead Tide is a phenomenal take on the ghost ship story. The pacing, mystery, and danger provided within are great for a group of Fated who want a briney adventure that takes them beyond the typical Malifaux locales. The Dead Tide is available for digital download here for only $5 USD, and is a must have for any Fatemaster that wants some high seas horror in their game.

What unusual settings have you put into your TTB campaigns, or what kind of settings would you like to see for a TTB adventure?

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I’d like to see more adventures set in The Knotwoods. It hasn’t been as fleshed out as some of the other areas, and a detailed map plus some deeper lore would really flesh out the area.

Alternatively, one of Malifaux’s bigger airships could be a cool setting for a story. I can imagine explosive gases, high winds while fighting outside, flying does, and maybe even finding a way to skydive to safety!

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