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Lore of Hayreddin, the Unfeeling Soccer Dad?


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Hayreddin, summoner of tots and support piece with a very strong Splat Bat, is according to the lore in the new book... unfeeling? Is there any stories with him in it? I feel like that faction change (and station change!) would have warranted a story but I couldn't find anything beyond his little blurb with his stats, and I wanna know if Nekima has "make Hayreddin feel again" on her to-do list, or if he, even robotically, cares about anything. Clearly he was at least cognizant enough to be like "k" when Nekima asked him back. 

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Well... he is probably depressed. He is the only Neph smarth enough to decide to study Necromancy to fight the fire with fire and all his shamans got slaughtered for that. So now he gives 2 shits about everything because he knows his kind is too stupid to survive. Understandable.



Now Nekima is queen of the Nephilim, of the blood that runs black… but Titania remains. Every day the Fae grow in strength while Nekima struggles to maintain her own

Maybe with a few zombies as meatshields and not fighting in loincloth it'd be easier, just saying...

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The was how the blurb read in Shifting Loyalties:


As Hayreddin cradled the last of his followers in his arms, he was helpless as the flesh fell from its bones, the black blood sizzling and coming on the rocky ground beneath him.  But True had been more than a follower; he was a brother.  A friend.  Hayreddin hung his head as he lowered his lifeless body to the ground.  In that instant a whirlwind of darkness enveloped him, and Hayreddin knew he was no longer alone.  "Mother," he whispered, "Why not just kill me?"

Lilith stepped form the shadows with a lithe grace, "You have broken our most ancient laws.  Ours is the magic of blood, of life.  To Tain our people with the powers of death and corruption is unspeakable.  No," Lilith whispered, cradling Hayreddin's face in her hands, "death is too good for you.  I name thee traitor, and I curse thee with my power.  The power of Life.  Live, Hayreddin.  Live and see what you have wrought."  She kissed him tenderly on the forehead, and then was gone with a storm of shadow and thunder.

Hayreddin screamed.

I did a quick skim over the stories in Broken Promises and Ripples of Fate, I don't see anything mentioning Hayreddin by name, and by text search doesn't look like he's mentioned by name.

Now that you've mentioned the blurbs, I read over Nekima's, and compared it to the one in Crossroads, and then to the one way back in Rising Powers.  Wow, Crossroads really undersold that conflict compared to the other two accounts.

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On 11/1/2019 at 12:41 PM, Ogid said:

and not fighting in loincloth it'd be easier, just saying...

Seems to me, there was a Nephilim who knew how to do that.  But someone pissed him off and now he’s gone to hang out with the cool kids.  😎

Also, did Nekima kick the half-bloods to the curb, or are they still her goons?

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