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who is the best to take into hoffman?


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How about 'dora.

You ignore his armor by tearing him apart by a thousand paper cuts. You neuter his triggers by handing out Stunned. You trim his offence, by handing out Slow. And constructs aren't exactly known for their high WP, so are quite likely to succumb to depression and Self Loathing

A model like Iggy can hit any high armour target for minimum 3 damage in one action 1(reduced damage) + 1 aura + 1 burning condition. And if you want a quick kill, send out a fast murder baby with built-in crows to execute his models after you've depleted his hand.

Then maybe, just maybe, he'll end up like this :


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I haven't faced him yet, but it seems hard as nails... most masters could probably deal with him tho; some ideas from the top of my head:

At least 1 reposition ability would be interesting to include (Lure, Terrorize...) to get rid of the Guardian; if the Hoffman team bubble around that guy; he gets the buff that his armor cannot be ignored and each attack gets redirected; that's a hard nut to crack. Including models with high moderate/severe damage and BBS for focused is another way to deal with these.

Pandora seems a good option, ping damage in general; so including things with poison or burning will help a lot.

The dreamer crew has access to an attack that ignore armor in Twist Reality (Dreamer, LCB and Serena) those 3 plus the Doppleganger is a ton of anti-armor, plus Daydreams have Bend Reality (only stat 4, but there are some of them with Wp or Df 4 and they are very cheap so it's also kind of chip damage), and the crew have also models with good damage track to look for severes. He seems able to handle mass armor. In this scenario I'd consider 1 or 2 BBS to grow into matures (for both having Focused to get severes in the guys with severe 6 damage like LCB and Teddy) and to get Matures with the Black blood. Important, keep the use of Stitched to a minimum versus Hoffman (I'd include/summon just 1 to get rid of high cards from bad Lucid dreams), high armor counters gamble your life.

Nephilims with BB are also good for this (and they have also very good damage tracks); plus Nekima charging around with IR is another source of ping damage, Hayreddin has the sift Action in the Black Blood Pustule and Lelu the Masochistic Thoughts aura for a lot of ping damage. Angel eyes have an Armor piercing trigger in her rifle to pick off models in the 5-6 SS range or to finish bigger targets (she needs Focused badly, I'd pair her with at least 1 BBS).

Marcus with a Poison theme could also work well (Scorpius, Bandersnatch, Azde, Rattler...) or with Cojo/The beast Within/Rougarous for going for severes. This would be the perfect game for a Bandersnatch with Horns and Armor.

Titania has some hard hitters (Rougarous and Killjoy) that can go for severes to minimice the effect of the armor. Titania has life lech for some ping damage and putting a Blood Sacrifice upgrade on her will add extra ping damage through Hazardous underbrushes. The Emissary may be good controling them and adding ping damage with the Hungry Land Markers.

Savages have very good damage tracks and ranges, but they maybe lack ping damage. However a reposition plus Frozen Trophy combo may be used to get rid of some model.

Lucius is very versatile with the mimics and have the Analyze Weaknessess so he could probably handle it... And Zoraida has also some good damage tracks and poison in the crew, but I'm not that confident with her ability to stand in a frontal assault versus hoffman.

Hinamatsu is another good piece (lots of attacks or armor piercing) on top of some utility.

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I had a bad day with Lucius against Hoffman but I got my revenge with Nekima. I managed to separate Joss and killed him first.. The black blood ability is really great against armor. To avoid counter damage I used to use inhuman reflexes on Nekima and a mature nephilim and Serena seems to be a good companion in order to heal besides regeneration 😊

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In m3e my silver bullet against the Ramos spam was pandora. Handing out so many wp duels means most stuff can't cheat (also their wp suck) so they're getting pinged with damage en masse. Also handing out conditions is really easy: Suddenly the scary robots aren't much threat when you have a high terror check in their face and they're slow, stunned, etc

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