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  1. I had one last night, my opponent was playing Colette and I was playing Dreamer the game was Turf war, I have never played into her before & I did not know about her defence triggers on attack actions . after summoning a few stitched I realised I could just gamble my life with her as its a tactical action popping in the 13s and it bypassed her defence trigger to bury and the distracted she was throwing out !!!, been able to do 5 damage a swing with no defensive triggers soon keeps her away or shes dead.
  2. played a few games into hoffman recently with dreamer and im struggling to come to grips with how to tear his crew apart (both times have been reckoning), is there an ideal master to take into him? & what key models should i look out for ?
  3. Hey Wyrdos ! fairly new player here, I was wondering if you guys could help me list all known soul stones in the lore and what stone is important to each faction? With not knowing all that much in regards to the lore (yes I'm starting to read through it) I was hoping you'd be able to help. I am going to be running a community event next year and i want to hand out custom crafted metal coins with the soul stone embedded into it as a kind of currency/ token, each coin will represent the best in faction and whom ever has one after a certain time period will get an invitational for the event. The event will be open when announced but there will be 8 spots set in stone for the holders. hope you guys can help me with the ideas for the stones.
  4. im not finding them lack luster at all i love the faction i just notcied there wasnt a lot of fast that i found lack luster compared to other factions, still very new to the game im enjoying dreamer very much and i get that he doesnt need fast as the amount of summons you can have
  5. very new to this and first time posting, ive been looking through the crews and decided neverborn is for me, what im finding a little lack luster is there ability to put out fast, i know iggy can do it to himself and hes a great liitle scheme runner/ anti schemer but is there anyone else in neverborn that can give out fast?
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