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Lady Justice's Best Henchman?

Yore Huckleberry

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Okay: the Judge is amazing and I will take her anytime I'm running into Rezzers or Yan Lo. And the Jury is amazing and I'll cheerfully add it against Arcanists, Misaki, Tara, and Dreamer.

But I've started to wonder about some other options.

Alison Dade is only 8+1 out of keyword. She can put shielded on Lady J and use a tome to draw (cycle) a card with it. Her Blackmail ability is solid for re-stocking a hand or organizing turn order. She gets Fast for free when your opponent reveals a scheme, giving her some good mid-round scheme running. The Slow on One More Question is a solid way to attack enemy AP.

Phiona Gage, at 9+1, has great ways to reorganize the field. "I've got your back" and "Bring it" can put Lady J or her targets where they need to be. And Phiona has Take the Hit and armor 1, great for keeping Lady J up just a bit longer for that last activation she needs to, y'know, kill everything. Plus Phiona's pickaxe can get a ton of pseudo-focus going with a single scheme marker, and it ignores Hard to Wound ... which ironically is probably best against Lady J in a mirror match.

On the expensive side is Jonathan Reichart at 10+1. His Kick up Dust isn't great for Lady J ... though the Lone Marshal or Pale Rider can cheerfully ride through it Unimpeded. Reichart's synergies are more that he has both Bring It and Stoic Nod for extra healing.

Agent 46 at 9+1 might be a bit out of synergy. Judge has strong abilities anyway, so this may just be one to tech in against Terrifying or Manipulative. Hurts a bit to loe the card draw from Following Orders. On the other hand, Stealth isn't bad if you're going to charge into a ranged crew.


Other thoughts people have?

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Other henchmen not discussed:

Alan Reid- interesting triggers on over more question.  His garrotte can make him almost like a junior judge.

Melissa Kore: might be fun, but hard to see the fit over lone Marshall if you want run and gun.

Sam Hopkins: a pretty fast gun.  Might be able to keep up better than judge/jury do.

Francisco: would never pay tax for him.  Especially because I want my masks for lj.  Maybe you can convince me im wrong.  

Greed: I see some real potential their but I can't bring myself to practice that.

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6 hours ago, Dark Reaper said:

Alan Reid seems like one of the better ones tbh. One More Question with coordinated attack on Lady J, or Surge, as well as Nepharious Pact makes for a lot of stuff she really likes. His garrote triggers are also really good, just a shame about the 0" range.

I guess one thing about pairing Lady J and Alan Reid is once Lady J is in the mix, people are way less likely to worry about your smaller Henchman wandering up with his 0" engagement.

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