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Waldo's Weekly - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall


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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo decided to take some much needed time off and joined the Imp Scouts at summer camp. With him not spending his weekdays in the office setting things on fire, fixing sinks, and cooking for the team, he’s had plenty of time to earn some Impractical Pins instead, such as Forestry (controlled burns), PC Repair (soldering), Taxidermy (self-explanatory), and Baking (and simultaneously obtaining the Cremation Pin at the same time – what an overachiever).

So while we’re enjoying the peace and quiet, we thought it was a good time to gather around the table and pick up where we last left off in our Through the Breach campaign. C’mon, let’s dip our toes in. The water’s fine.

Rather than preview something that will become available in the coming months as we usually do in Waldo’s Weeklies, we’re taking a slightly different approach this time around. Instead, what we’re unveiling is launching today on DriveThruRPG.  


Fatemasters, rejoice! A new Through the Breach One Shot adventure is now available. Gather the Fated around the table, because it’s time for a dungeon crawl. Or a dilapidated and drowning Contract Town crawl. Or a sink hole swim crawl. Whatever suits your fancy.

In Silurid Showdown, the Fated will be headed to Contract Town #37 to investigate some strange happenings, as the Fated tend to do. This time, though, something fishy is going on. A constant heavy rain falls from above, flooding the town and the nearby mines, which is leaving the residents homeless and jobless. I wonder what could be causing the torrential downpour… What could possibly be in the murky depths of the Frostrun River in the Northern Hills?  

To find out more (and ultimately begin your adventure), grab your rain boots, head over to DriveThruRPG, and pick up Silurid Showdown now!


Speaking of digital books… If you didn’t yet hear, we have a special promotion running from now until December 15th. If you have purchased any of the physical M3E books (including the Core Rulebook and the Faction Books), you can submit your itemized receipt to receive a digital PDF of the same book that you purchased. If you haven’t yet filled out the form for the digital book promotion, head here.

We’re already starting to give out those codes for digital PDFs, too. If you purchased a Faction Book from us during the online Gen Con sale and sent in a receipt for your Faction Book order to receive a digital copy, check your email (specifically the email that you provided us). You should now have access to download the books digitally.

Pre-orders from your local game store for books will be fulfilled next, starting with orders for the Core Rules, and the Neverborn, Guild, and Arcanist Faction Books. Because the Ten Thunders, Resurrectionists, Bayou, and Outcast Faction Books are slotted to be released in October, those digital books will be provided then.

If you have any questions or concerns about the promotion, head over to our Contact page: https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact


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20 minutes ago, Stonewall78 said:

I am guessing the Core rule PDF will only be different from the free one by the inclusion of fluff? Wondering if it is worth the effort on your end for me to submit it.

Yes. I got it in PDF yesterday after buying the book off of Meeplemart back in July and getting it physically then too. It's got a large fluff section and two maps one of the general area and one of the city. Glad I bought it. 

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