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Hi ! Non-backer with some general question.


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Hi people ! So I've heard about The Other Side back when the Kickstarter began (was it in 2016 ? Can't remember). I also see that according to the Wyrd website, this game is supposed to have release, yet all I hear about on the internet is how no one got their pledge stock and I can't find anything about this game on Wyrd's webstore page.
Is this game out yet ?

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There seem to be quit ea few issues with the kickstarter deliveries (at least in Europe).
I don't really have more insight in this as I didn't back the kickstarter.

I saw that there is no The Other Side content on wyrd webstore, but several online retailers have it in store.
I bought the gibbering horde allegiance box and a box of yarazi from a french retailer (philibertnet.com) and got it 1-2weeks ago.
Wayland games seems to have the game in store as well.

I haven't look more into it but I guess there should be other retailers having the game in stock as well.

Keep in mind that not everything has been released yet.
So far there is only the rulebook, plus the allegiance box and another unit's box for each of the 4 factions.

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The game is indeed out at retail, though the distribution centers (primarily in Europe) have completely dropped the ball on getting backers their stuff, despite Wyrd sending them backer items a month before the retail items.

The release schedule on the Wyrd website is incorrect. The first wave of product just hit store shelves within the past couple weeks. Also note that Wyrd waits a month or two after release of product before they put it on their own webstore. This is to give LGSs a head start on sales.

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AFAIK all the non-European backers have their kickstarter stuff now, and Europe seems to be slowly getting along.  I've seen some people post that it's been showing up in stores too, but Wyrd has a general policy of not putting anything on their webstore until local shops have had a chance to sell it first for a few months so I'd expect TOS stuff to start appearing on there in Jan or Feb.

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