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First 2 Commander List 50

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Just want to check that I am understanding everything and wanted to get a list out there

Prince (Toughness 0 + Mine Control Device 1) - 1
Lord (Toughness 1 + Hand Held Thing Deal 1) - 2

Steel Legion 12 (No upgrades is this bad?)
Mehali Bros 9 + Engineer 1 - 10
Mehali Bros 9 + Engineer 1 - 10
Dreadnought 7 + 1 Brain Deal +1 Amp +1 Furnance -> 10

Rail Gunner (Toughness 1) - 3
Rail Gunner (Toughness 0) - 2

Here is my first wack at a 50 point.... this will be going into Burning Man I think.... any suggestions tips or hints?

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I'm a huge fan of Elite Training. A second activation of a lynchpin squad like the Steel Legion lets them get a lot of work done.
It's also not a bad idea to have the Behind Enemy Lines Stratagem that lets you summon in a supporting element. Get an unexpected unit of Cavalry helping run objectives for the operation for the cost of some Tactics Tokens later in the game when the Cult is either committed, busy, or whittled down via attrition.

With how powerful the ECB is against Aby, especially things like our Dreadnought, it might not be a bad idea to have the Stratagem that lets you put the Dreadnought back into play after it's been killed.

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