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  1. As a new player in M3E Closed Beta and onward I could care less about the pricing and am more intrested in the SKUs boxing and netting me models I will play with in one set.... I honestly think they really knocked it out of the park on this one ladies and gentelmen
  2. Small rule book for the win! I would pay more for a starter if it had it in it as well!
  3. Personally I think summoning sickness for interactions isnt a bad thing at all and should be a balance vs summoning in general.... mainly because the reach of many of the models with master plus summon range can get kinda crazy even with slow on the summon.... this only changes the games were the summoner squeek out a win towards the end of a game and makes them consider their playstyle a little more which is much better than I can wait to score and let me summon more models to kill....
  4. Collett doesnt play any of these well?
  5. Can someone post the pictures???
  6. GAMA stuff looked awesome!!!
  7. I really dont mind the concept of summoning sickness for interaction as a general rule that really seems fair!
  8. So is Wyrd going to issue an errata on them I wonder?
  9. Yeah it would be nice at up to 2... not a required 2 but its a toss in so whatever
  10. Yeah and the mage is really cool now I can see wanting to take one!
  11. Its really neat when you think of the throwing with Sandeep on his turn and then using the totem to detonate... another thought it that you can summon through the totem and can setup the situation where you have 2 Gamin near eachother when you detonate one of the Posion Gamin as well...
  12. All I want to know is if I can still command Banasuva to throw and Posion Gamin at someone and then blow up that gamin through Banasuva with Sandeep.... If I can still do all of this I like him!
  13. You should be in game design because you litterally imho fixed both of these masters at the same time!!! LISTEN TO THIS MAN!!!!
  14. Dude tell me about it ECB is like wth do I do!
  15. To be fair you do want to tier your lists vs your opponents in this game.... You know that faction you are playing against when you go to hir correct?
  16. Acceptance imho is better than such a massive redo.... MT is perfect where it is at the issues I see now for Acedemic is some weridness with the 2 Acedemic minions seem more dated... and focus changing
  17. Honestly the AR debate gets stale quick as soon as you take it away the balance of Archanists just seems out of wack from what I had seen....
  18. Honestly shouting orders if it was more than minion it would be far more usefull in general and I dont think it would break the game...
  19. Sandeep imho should have a beater..... I think multiple mages is lackluster.... and I dont see the point of Silent ones..... I play sandeep like a swiss army summoner and I like blowing up Gamin all day long if possible... I would question the Silent Ones and the Mages and would look at getting more beaters in the mix as the Gamin summoned can scheme EOP is fine but whatever if you dont fit him in as there are so many things you would LOVE to fit in with Sandeep
  20. Now what stratagems would you take? Last question I promise ;-)
  21. So granted your quick feedback if you dropped the 2nd portal wurms what upgrades would you diviy out?
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