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How to play Zipp, I was smashed yesterday


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Yesterday I had my first Zipp game. The thing is I was smashed vs Asami in Public Executions. I played Zipp, Franc, Trixie, golem, Swine-cursed, slop and a couple of bayous. Zipp dind't do anything (only hit with 1 attack), Franc died pretty fast, Golem was eaten by Asami, Trixie was murdered by Ama no Zako (the legal target thing with her "don't fight for me, boys" hit me hard). So... what are the advice against this type of list (Asami, Yas, snipers, terrifying models...).



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Zipp is one of the most mobile masters out there. You should ideally use that to pick the fights that you want. Zipp isn't the best fighter, but with his up up and away attack he bypasses a lot of defensive tech out there, and also allows you to reset the board to your advantage. One common tactic that yo didn't use is using iron Skeetars to make a model, such as Frank fast, as well as moving them into position. It means that the turn when they hit they can hit really hard and in unexpected places.

I would have thought about using Zipp to charge an enemy model that had activated, and try and throw it towards the rest of my crew, and then get someone to kill that model whilst I was largely safe from retaliation. Trixie can also help with this kind of yo-yo list pushing away bad guys, and luring your guys back to safety.

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Luck happens. With Zipp having a +1 stat and is the attacker, your opponent is looking at having to have a card 2 higher than you to win. And they need to do that multiple times. Sure, it will happen sometimes that Zipp will lose all three duels even if you have  saved your hand to cheat them, but the same can be said for anything.

Zipps power is different to Sommers power, so you can't rely on him for the same things, which can leave you feeling powerless until you know what he does.


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I generally find though, that the go-to master in public executions is Wong (I use him with double swine cursed, Old Cranky, McTavish, 3 survivors, and Trixiebelle). That particular strategy is hard for both Somer and Zipp I find. Try Zipp in symbols though! First mate, bayou gremlins and the 'Dread pirate Zipp' is the bomb!

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