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    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Well, some models could stay as "versatile" and executioners could be one of those. In the last Wyrd Chronicles there is an article about starting gremlins and they recommend models that (for now) will be part of each master subset, then they have some that are recommended for more than one of them (Burt, Gracie, McTavish...). Maybe model's that don't fit quite well will be versatile or available for multiple masters...
  2. longfanz

    Monster Hunter Models

    After rereading your comment, do you have a picture? You can also contact wyrd....
  3. do we have a picture of this?
  4. Well, the possibility of a new Dashel/Lucius box still exists though.
  5. longfanz

    Monster Hunter "Stalk"

    Hi, I have a question about this ability, it says: "At the end of any Activation in which this model took a walk or charge action, one opposing model with the Stalk Action may take a Walk Action that must end the move as close to this model as possible", what if the monster hunter is engaged? could him still perform such walk action? does I need to pass a disengaging strike? Thanks!
  6. longfanz

    competitive McCabe in Thunders

    Hi, We talked a little bit about McCabe in Guild and I asked if he is better with Thunders... what is the current "competitive" build with him? Thanks!
  7. longfanz

    Competitive McCabe

    I would like to start playing him as well, is he better in guild than in Ten Thunders?
  8. Hi! It is not clear in his card (as is in the Phiona's similar ability). Thanks!
  9. longfanz

    Can Francisco do "enfentate a mi" while engaged

    Thanks! that is amazing
  10. Hi! I'm fairly new to Nellie and never played her with mercenaries. The thing is that a lot of them got "nerfed" but I still see them viable, for example, McTavish. Is he still good with her? do we have better options now that he is a little more expensive? Thanks!
  11. longfanz

    Is McTavish still good with Nellie?

    tried him today, did not like him very much. The two focus/shots turn 1 are nice but the min 2 on both attacks is quite low :(. I have to play him more to decide though
  12. longfanz

    Which holes in the Wiki would you like to see filled?

    That would be sweet. I've used him with little success to be honest...
  13. longfanz

    How to Improve my Nellie Game

    Hi! I've been playing Malifaux for a few months now, first with Sonnia and now with Nellie. The thing is she is supposed to be our strongest master but I don't know how to improve my game with her. My typical list is something like: Nellie - Misleading Headlines, Delegation, Guild Funds Francisco Ortega - Wade in, Lead Lined Coat Phiona Gage - Transparency, Lead lined Coat Ryle - Numb to the World, A debt to the guild 2x Guild Guard Printing press and then a queller, a watcher or a reporter depending on schemes and strats. What I use to do is to move my beaters and give them fast the first turn, the second one they try to smash something but after that I don't know exactly what I should be doing with Nellie. As my beaters are fast they try to move charge so they are quite far away for Nellie to help them or there are no enemies in range, things like that. What are good uses for Nellie on the mid turns? Thanks!
  14. longfanz

    Nellie and her mercenaries

    well, that is true but there are basically all the mercs he is asking for.
  15. longfanz

    Nellie and her mercenaries

    Hi, Check this article, covers basically all the mercs that go well with Nellie, Aionus seems to be quite good as well: http://midwestwargaming.com/nellie-cochrane/ On the other hand, can you share the list you use to play? Thanks!
  16. longfanz

    Brand New and making decisions

    I'd say buy Perdita's to have Franc. Lucius have guild guards that are also good with Nellie, Hoffman have the watcher, Lady J have the Judge, you can buy Ryle, Executioners... It really depends on what you like
  17. longfanz

    How to Hoffmann

    Hi, There was a guy at the ITC that won all his games with a fixed Hoffman list... About Ryle: I used him yesterday for the first time and he is a beast (with Numb to the World and debt to de guild). About his defense, yes, is low (the same as a Peacekeeper) but stoning damage, cheating a tome if you don't get it to be armor 3 (I'm not sure if you can make him armor 4 with the Hoffman upgrade) and his 0 to heal is quite durable... I have not tried de PK but Ryle is quite strong.
  18. longfanz

    Should I buy new stuff or will I never use it?

    Yes, as other said that is the Queller's job, ignore all reductions and no DF trigger and collodi cries XD
  19. longfanz

    Should I buy new stuff or will I never use it?

    From my very limited experience: 1. The 2 player starter box...just for Grimwell. Optimized for Sonnia with an investigator for the alpha strike list you mentioned, not used very much outside that (but a fast Grimwell with nellie could be fun two). I wouldn't buy him 2. Investigators - Not out yet but powerful, lot of people use them in competitive play. Not available yet I think 3. jury: I have her but I never used her, has some uses in some Nellie lists 4. Monster Hunters: one guy used 2 against my and killed my Emissary turn 2 so yes, they are good. Free AP is always good in this game and this models will generate between 1-4 extra AP per turn depending on how your oponent plays. 5. Bishop -Yes, and now is 1 point cheaper (9ss) 6. Mc Tavish, Burst, Johan, Sue.... I have them all, Hannah is fun two to have an 8 card hand. 7. Quellers: I have them and use them but they never do what they are intended to do:S The key use is to enchant beaters weapons to ignore damage reductions but my most sucessful game they striped suits from Yan Lo's casts. 8. Sanctioned Spellcasters: in my meta they are seemed as very weak, nobody uses them 9. Ryle: Do not have him...but Hoffmann. I think Hoffman with Cyborg-Frank and Peacekeeper should be fun? Yes, also can be used with Nellie as part of the beater's trio 10. Executionier? Is he worth it now with his cheaper charge? Or are there better beatsticks? Again, a fast Executioner with Nellie could be fun, he ignores DF triggers so an enchanted executioner charging collodi is almost = to a dead Collodi XD 11. Witchling Thralls: They have their uses, mostly with Lucius but I have used them with Sonnia, une queller with one Thrall and the new Sonnia upgrade to chain activate could be a lot of fun as both are witch hunters.
  20. longfanz

    healing the honorable members of the guild

    Lucius and the Guardian can heal on a trigger.
  21. Mmm, interesting. The rules say: In addition, models that are buried at the end of the game count as killed for Encounter victory purposes. Now that you say it is not easy to understand. How would you play this? if the model is buried by one of my models, will it score full points for Take one for the team? (given the model buried had less cost than the model who buried him). Thanks!
  22. Keep in mind that buried minis are considered dead at the end of the game. I learned this in the hard way as I buried an enemy I know had Take One for the team and I lost due to that rule :S
  23. longfanz

    Sonnia List advice

    Hi! I'm thinking about trying the next list on my next game, what do you think? 50 SS Guild Crew Sonnia Criid + 4 Pool - Cherufe's Imprint (1) - Counterspell Aura (1) - Cherufes Parting Gift (1) Samael Hopkins (8) - A Debt To The Guild (1) - Lead Lined Coat (1) Papa Loco (7) - Numb To The World (1) Witchling Thrall (9) Witchling Thrall (9) Thalarian Queller (6) Watcher (4) The idea is to stay in the middle with Sonnia + Samael + Loco (for a couple of turns). The watcher to run schemes and the thralls and the Queller being mobile and hitting when they are most needed. 5 models out of 7 are witch hunters so some good chain activations are possible (enchant weapon + thrall charging or Sonnia puts burning into someone and Samael rapid fires it) I want to give Samael a try as I always use Franc, will be Sonnia too vulnerable without him? thoughts? Thanks!
  24. longfanz

    Sonnia List advice

    Yesterday I played symbols and as I don't have any other master I had to remove as much minions as I could. I won but I wasn't able to catch the last one due to my lack of mobility :S
  25. longfanz

    Sonnia List advice

    Will you still take those lists with Punsih the Weak in the pool?