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Magewright's magic


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2 hours ago, Nikshe said:

There is no Magical Theory for the Magewright's pursuit in the "Above the Law" book. That doesn't feel right because he is a caster. Is it a mistake or it is supposed to be this way?

Magewrights don't have a Magical Theory unique to them (nor does any other Pursuit in TTB).

As with every magical character, they can use any of the Magical Theories in the Core Rules or one of the expansion books (including the one in Above the Law). Since the majority of Magewrights are involved with the Guild, the most thematically appropriate Magical Theory is the Thalarian Doctrine, which is found in the Core Rules.

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7 minutes ago, Nikshe said:

My point was about there is no usual phrase about Magical Theory for starting the pursuit. That can be read that fresh-new Magewright is allowed to cast without Magical Theory.

This is covered by the Core Rules.

Character Creation, pg. 79:

"Your character may also receive some starting
equipment based on her chosen Pursuit, as described
by its Starting bonus. If your character's Starting
bonus includes a Grimoire, you must select a Magical
(pg. 251) as well as the Magia and Immuto
included in the Grimoire (see pg. 260)."


The expansion books (which lack this explicit step in character creation) are covered by the generic "Gaining a Magical Theory" rule. Core Rules, Magic, pg. 251:

"If a character that does not possess a Magical
Theory gains a Grimoire (and attempts to use it),
she should choose a Magical Theory before she
casts any spells from that Grimoire.

Similarly, if a character that does not possess a
Magical Theory gains a Spell-Like Manifested Power,
either from a Pursuit or as a result of completing one
of her Destiny Steps (pg. 317), she should choose
a Magical Theory before she casts the Spell-Like
Manifested Power."


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