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  1. Adran, he DID it once. Check the 3rd edition Guild book.
  2. If you give her Fast, she will do three actions and as usual.
  3. Remember 5th book, when Seamus could hire Showgirls and make them undead? ... I always wanted to paint zombie Colette
  4. Asylum needs some new minions too (It will be nice core box - Master, totem, hench, enforcer and 3 minions, like in the English Ivan's box). I think about some patients-in-the-middle-of therapy. They can have many Wounds but be damaged by 1 for every non-damaging action they perform. In TTB there were a concept of Wrath Fetishes and good arts for that sort of minions.
  5. Use hordes (see Angry Mob mechanic for an example). No one want to face full pack of 12 Guild Guards as a horde.
  6. Well, sold! What will we see for the Guild and Ressers (oh, I wrote saw some idea for them 😄)
  7. Well, he was rebuilt into machine after some terrible incident. Why are you surprised?
  8. You can keep Copycat with the band and exchange the positions of him and the Master for some supporting job. But I mostly run Copycat flanking to save Seamus from some ugly Ruffles killers like Agent 46.
  9. Actually, I think it will be a nice box: hench RedChapel/ Forgotten Wendy, two minions Lost Brothers and flying enforcer Peter, who can summon Lost Brothers and Crooligans. I mean they are pretty near current Malifaux timeline Wendy can give Distracted for Fading, a Lost Brother can place himself btb to other friendly Lost Brother and Peter can give Fey Dust token, which can be discarded for Flight Ability during the Action
  10. Enforcer-crooligan will be fun. The boss of never-aged children... Who said "Peter Pan"?
  11. Lucius is a good card-drawer. Also remember that the Ability will work for enemy Obeys and Disengage Attacks
  12. What's next big expansion book? The Earth's side book?
  13. So Kirai can't summon Ikiryo at all as she can't summon enforcers. And this makes no sense so I insist that Ikiryo's ability will work at the Declare Action stage.
  14. Also want to see some day an artbook of Malifaux. With variants, sketches and designers' comments.
  15. WOW. The main question is: will all of the cards in new Fate decks have brilliant arts (like it was with Taro Fate deck) or only 11+ and jokers (like TOS decks)? It's a matter of how many I want to order.
  16. Well, the Fatemaster has rights to enjoy a game too. You can't ignore the concerns. Talk about it as a group of mutually respecting persons.
  17. Incorporeal dudes against non-casters. Doppelgangers against every one.
  18. Well, I have doubts that the question was It seems that the question was about "Will enemy model's effect Unburry me if enemy model's effects cannot move me?" Yes, they will. My opinion is "Not in front of Anna". Definitely needs an Errata for the Errata.
  19. Scoring turn 1 should be with smaller table and greater game speed (+1 AP for all models, maybe) and rework of bunch of mechanics. Totally different game in simple words. Wyrds have another things to do than rework all of the Malifaux to alternative shadespirish skirmish for debatable size audience.
  20. Or just bring Lucius and use his Tactical Action. Slow minion will be cleaned from the Condition and make some useful Action. Executioners will be Focused even before their Activation. And you will have one more card in your hand.
  21. Seems that Perdita is your one-box-choice. You can build 50 ss crew of solid beaters. There are no scheme-runners but you can just kill the enemy crew first and do a little schemming.
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