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Monsters and Triggers


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Good Evening All,

Let me preface this by saying I'm rather new to this system, but have the books.  So if you can point me in the right direction, I will certainly read it myself.

Here is my issue.  I will be running my first game tomorrow.  I've been browsing through the monster lists trying to figure out what I want to throw at my players.  Some of the monsters I've targeted have triggers.  Most of them are damage triggers, which I believe will trigger on my damage flip.  I've found a few that don't have a "damage" flip.  More specifically, the Guild Reporter in the core book.  She has a Notice Trigger that blinds the players.  How is this resolved?  Do I flip to see if I trigger, or is it triggered off something the players do, like their resist flip or something?

(1) Flash Photography (Notice)
AV: 5 (10) ========== Rg: 5 ======= Resist: Wp
Target becomes Blind until the start of this character's
next turn. Capacity 1, Reload 1.
R "Hey! Look Over Here!": After succeeding, every character
within p1 of the target also becomes Blind until the
start of this character's next turn.


Thank you in advance.  I must admit, I am thoroughly enjoying this system (and setting) so far.



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How I believe it works (and have been doing so for the last year) is that whatever the players pull up on their defensive flip is the suit the monster uses. 

For instance, if a player flipped a ram defending against Flash Photography, the Guild Reporter would be considered to have flipped a ram as well, and may use “Hey, look over here”

Hope this helps

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I don’t have my book handy to give page numbers, but this should be explained in the section on duels, Fate master characters vs. Fated characters.

The Fatemaster character doesn’t flip a card, you use the suit of the character that is flipping a card.  That might feel weird, but it gives players a use for a variety of suits—avoiding triggers like that.

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7 hours ago, Scrootered said:


Triggers can be declared if the useful suit was in the final result of the Fated's resistance duel (after cheating and picking the card) against the Fatemaster's character OR the suit is the part of this character's AV. The character's trigger should also meet the conditions of the trigger (after failing, after succeeding, after damaging and others).

For example, the Widow Weaver (see the Wyrd Chronicles 37, it's a free recourse of useful things) has the attack named Venomous fangs and the trigger for this attack on masks. She wants to attack some Fated, so the the Fated should deal with her 17 Attack. The Fated draws a card and adds his Defense's value to the card's value. The Fated can cheat the Fate if only there are no :-flipin his duel. If the sum is 18 or more the attack was avoided. If the Fated failed to avoid the attack the Fatemaster should check if the card had the masks' suit. If there were masks the Widow Weaver can use the trigger (after succeeding). So the Fated can cheat the duel not for avoiding an attack but for avoiding its' trigger.

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