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Confirm Commander Level contents?

the tick

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Been stewing in my own juices and deciding whether or not I'm going to pull the trigger on jumping into The Other Side. I'm hoping somebody can confirm the current Commander level pledge contents. From what I'm seeing on Kickstarter the contents for the Gibbering Hordes are:

Allegiance Box

Rulebook, UV stat cards, fancy fate deck, token set

Alpha Crawler

The Frenzy

Armored Whelks



I just listened to episode 10 of Coordinated Strike and it sounded like the Commander level pledge also included an Egg Clutch, 3 (not 1) Morphlings, and Binh Nguyen....

And this thread linked below suggests something different. Can somebody help me figure out what the Commander Level pledge actually contains?


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2 hours ago, retnab said:

We've unlocked everything up til the free Binh or Sam, so Coordinated Strike's list of things is correct.

Awesome! You are a scholar and a gentleman. After reading some more and looking back at the linked thread you started it looks like the Coordinated Strike list and your list are very similar. I don't think I understood that the Morphling's were Adjuncts....reading is fundamental.

What is "Sam"? Assuming that's shorthand for one of the singleton models?

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