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    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    Looks like various gremlin families have gussied him up to look very officious/impressive. As for the model: regardless what you think of Lenny, comes with an amazing piglet model, $25 might be steep for a piglet.... But....I mean.... LOOK at it!
  2. the tick

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Perfect! Thanks for clarifying (both questions). So basically it's an alt Guild Guard.🤣
  3. the tick

    Backdraft box models

    Sounds like they're just standalone story encounter boxes like the Creative Taxidermy, Crossroads Seven, etc. and just happen to contain models from a pair of factions.
  4. the tick

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Sweet! Love the alts. I think I'm glad to hear that Wave 6 isn't coming just yet. One question: I didn't see a price for the Gremlin Nightmare Ulix box? Is that deliberate? If not can we get a price on that box? Edit: Another question: I just noticed what appears to be "sleeping" gremlin at the hoofs of "Old Major"? What's going on with that? Did we get another alt Bayou who has imbibed too much 'shine?
  5. the tick

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Wyrd does an online sale through their webstore DURING the month of GenCon. You can also buy at GenCon. Sometimes Nightmare crews pop up during Black Friday sales as well.
  6. the tick

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    So Broney (Ulix), Mr Ed (Old Major)....and 4 Horse-lets (Piglets)? Penelope in there somewhere? Maybe the horse with the hat? Or maybe it's Penelope and the 3 Wild Ponies (Wild Boars)? Edit: And if this is just a straight port of the original Ulix crew box, can we expect Nightmare piglets and a Nightmare War Pig 'a la' last year's Nightmare Hamelin?
  7. the tick

    Iron Piglet

    Brewsmaster would struggle significantly I think. I just finished soloing him for six months and there's a somewhat narrow band of strategies and schemes that work well for him. He also relies pretty heavily on either poison or having powerful beaters to order around. The one-and-done requirement for non master models hurts him a bit.
  8. the tick

    Nightmare Crew Box

    My guess is Som'er will be the nightmare box. But that is literally a stab in the dark. I'll be really disappointed if it's Zoraida, but beyond that I don't really have a preference. Maybe Mah cause I don't own her yet?
  9. the tick

    Does Ulix need to go whole hog?

    I also had pretty good results with not summoning the War Pig and focusing on summoning Piglets...I just thought that's because I was terrible and wasn't playing it right! I will also echo your vote for The Sow and Old Major. Maybe even Sammy to hold the Hunting Bow? Maybe the problem with that is that it starts to get into a territory where its hard for Ludvig to just dip his toe into Gremlins by way of Pigs.
  10. the tick

    Does Ulix need to go whole hog?

    I started Malifaux with Ulix and my collection was almost entirely pigs for a while. Slop Haulers are a pretty essential edition I'd say. If your just going to pick up Ulix casually you could do just fine with his box, some piglets, maybe a war pig and slop haulers.
  11. the tick

    Monday Preview - The Undying Pt. 2

    Looks like its slated for July in the upcoming page. I had to hit the little '>' symbol to scroll over to see it there.
  12. the tick

    Backdraft box models

    It's listed on the upcoming page right now!!!!
  13. the tick

    Earthside Echo... Amazing!

    They posted a fluff story here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1334239018/the-other-side-9/posts/2179216
  14. the tick

    Earthside Echo... Amazing!

    The description of the Hordes "invasion" makes me think some of Secret Weapons 120mm city street/ruins bases covered with water effect would make great tide pools!
  15. the tick

    Bayou Two Card Red Joker

    +1 Also, since Bayou Two Card counts as cheating, you cannot cheat AGAIN by playing a card from your hand. Also, also, who on Earth manages to get a Red Joker with Bayou Two Card. I think I always got worse results.
  16. the tick

    Squad structure and card text?

    Great! Thanks! I suppose it speaks well of the game design if that information is somewhat easy to figure out for somebody who wasn't involved in beta testing.
  17. At the bottom of the cards it looks like the squads structure is noted. If its says: Fireteam (100mm | 5 x 30mm), Squad (2), Reserves (3) Does that mean that each fireteam (on a 100 mm base) is composed of 5 models (30mm bases) and the squad is composed of 2 fireteams? What does the Reserve (3) indicate? Specifically referenced the Speckled Crawlers in this case.
  18. Been stewing in my own juices and deciding whether or not I'm going to pull the trigger on jumping into The Other Side. I'm hoping somebody can confirm the current Commander level pledge contents. From what I'm seeing on Kickstarter the contents for the Gibbering Hordes are: Allegiance Box Rulebook, UV stat cards, fancy fate deck, token set Alpha Crawler The Frenzy Armored Whelks Morphling I just listened to episode 10 of Coordinated Strike and it sounded like the Commander level pledge also included an Egg Clutch, 3 (not 1) Morphlings, and Binh Nguyen.... And this thread linked below suggests something different. Can somebody help me figure out what the Commander Level pledge actually contains?
  19. the tick

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    Wave 6 Neverborn Henchman or Enforcer? Nightmare Brewmaster for the Gremlin's Nightmare box? (which would come with Spider Ninjas?) TTB thing-a-mabob? Lucius' true form?
  20. the tick

    Confirm Commander Level contents?

    Awesome! You are a scholar and a gentleman. After reading some more and looking back at the linked thread you started it looks like the Coordinated Strike list and your list are very similar. I don't think I understood that the Morphling's were Adjuncts....reading is fundamental. What is "Sam"? Assuming that's shorthand for one of the singleton models?
  21. the tick

    Alpha Crawler Sculpt

    Bit of thread necro here.....been reading the TOS section because I think I've got an itch for the Gibbering Hordes. According to a post in the GH forum from almost 18 months ago, the render didn't include the riders but they're still on the sculpt. I suppose things might have changed since then...?
  22. the tick

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    I believe his thinking was that if it's a nightmare model then they may divert from the original model. Also hoping for it to NOT be McTavish or Emissary.
  23. the tick

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    Nightmare War Pig?
  24. the tick

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    Nightmare Rooster Rider
  25. Neverborn: The Dreamer; love the new ill-mannered teenager upgrades that seem to boost the beat stick Chompy options. Titania; the aesthetic is great. Ressers: Seamus; not really sure why...fluff is great. Kirai; the Asian ghost theme to some of the undead in the game has REALLY grown on me. Molly; I like the sounds of her playstyle.