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  1. I tried a little bit, but I'm staying too busy to devote more energy to selling. I seriously just want to clear it out of my house.
  2. Have to clear out space and this box of stuff needs to go to a good home. I've sorta tried selling it, but moved to an area that's a gaming black hole, and frankly I just can't be bothered anymore. Almost all models are assembled, couple painted ones. It's all packed up as well as I can get it...which means I am NOT splitting this lot up at all. So if you want any of it...you're gonna get ALL of it. I'll post the list below. PM me if you are interested (first come first served), I'll get an address, and it's going in the mail. This thing is getting shipped USPS and I want to keep it in the lower 48 so I don't get murdered on postage. Desolation Engine Toshiro The Daimyo Chiaki (M2E sculpt) Izamu The Armor (M2E sculpt) Yan Lo (M2E sculpt) Union Steamfitters Miss Step (alternate Howard Langston) Lenny Jones Bayou Gremlin (with fishing pole) M2E Punk Zombie sculpts (M3E Rabble Risers) Katanaka Crime Boss Gunsmiths Fitzsimmons Union Miners Amina Naidu Mouse Toni Ironsides High River Monk Lotus Eaters Sensei Yu Low River Monk Aspiring Student Shenlong Charm Warder Lord Chompy Bits (M3E sculpt) Alps (M2E sculpt) Coppelius (M2E sculpt) Dreamer (M2E sculpt) Bearly Together (alternate Stitched Together) Kamaitachi Tengu Obsidian Oni Asami Tanaka Amanjaku Ohaguro Bettari Yokai Ama No Zako Jorogumo Showgirl (alternate sculpt) Miss Feasance (alternate Seamus) Yin, The Penangalan Ashigaru Komainu Sun Quiang Soul Porter (M2E sculpt) Draugr (alternate sculpt) Wanyudo Hekome (alternate Shikome) Saboteurs Terracotta Warrior Yasunori
  3. I do not like the preassembled models at all. Personally think its a bad call and I hope Wyrd doesn't continue with the trend. In M2E each Master was defined by their limited upgrades and with few (no?) exceptions there was one option that was always better. I fear that the Titles system will have the same result, and I just don't like the notion of Ulix (or any Bayou Master) being the Jockey Master. The Jockey models are all over the place in terms of appearance and I don't think they make a visually appealing crew. Now....I recognize those are my opinions. And I think you're right that the design opportunity is interesting, but I'd rather see them start with a fresh Master.
  4. I'm a little concerned that one of the Titles for Bayou will be Jockey. I really really hope they don't just do the easy button answer with a Master like Ulix and make him the Jockey guy.
  5. Yeah I'm totally on board with that. What about a pseudo Marcus type theme where Ulix is a super Taxidermist and puts out upgrades: flying pigs, tunneling pigs, armored pigs, spectral pigs?, poison cloud pigs, pigs with spikes, FAST pigs, fire breathing pigs?
  6. For Ulix specifically, I have concerns about doing a "thematic" change without changing the keyword models. Regardless of how it's modified, if the new theme still involves summoning, in any capacity, people are going to whinge and moan. And based on Wyrd's errata in the last few years, I'm inclined to think that they won't be treating summoners kindly. So maybe what @Thatguy said is an option and we'll get a version of Ulix that sorta mirrors what he did back in 2E with the bow upgrade. But if his pigs are (allegedly) balanced around being summoned, then I'm not sure where that leaves those models if they're not also modified?
  7. Wong becomes dual faction Archanist with the Peformer keyword. I'm kidding.... Seriously though I have high hopes that they'll do something interesting with Brewmaster and Ulix. I feel like there's going to be a strong temptation to fall back on themes that were apparent in the M2E limited upgrades for each master. Ulix has to do something with pigs... What else is there since summoning seems like it's under "attack"?
  8. Previous editions of the game had a regular cycle of expansion waves with a book that accompanied each wave.
  9. The artwork for Yannic and one of the Riflemen look great! But the guy on the left...I dunno. His body position is just off. Maybe if these get released as plastic instead of pre-assembled I'd be more interested, but hard pass for now.
  10. I'll beat the drum on the pre-assembled model starter boxes again. Would love to see these models in plastic because there are more than a few that I really want to add to my collection. Is the Cadmus keyword the first one that's had the master box released after another keyword box? Not complaining, just interesting timing. Or have I missed the Cadmus preview? Curious to see what those renders look like.
  11. Yeah the clean up on TOS models was awful and I'll never repeat that. But I should follow suit with your last comment as well. Love the renders.
  12. If this is a starter set will there be a Henchman to act as a leader? The 3D renders look good! But seriously, Wyrd, please make this trend of preassembled short lived and give us these models in plastic. Again, love the renders but please let me do my own assembly.
  13. I am very disappointed. Certainly probably a pipe dream but I hope these models make their way into the normal Malifaux plastics. In my mind the preassembled models are a solution looking for a problem. The folks doing the assembly will never do the work with the care and precision that I want and I'll be proxying or converting all the models that come this way.
  14. https://www.nobleknight.com/P/2147859031/Outcast-Starter-Box And apparently Syndicate is getting something with an Outcast starter box. And again with the pre-assembled. Even if I'm the only guy beating the drum on this, I'll keep saying the pre-assembled stuff is a massive turn off Wyrd. Please make these things available in the normal Malifaux plastic.
  15. Yeah you're most likely right, and the cost wouldn't let them do both options. I'm more than a little disappointed about the pre-assembled nature personally, it will absolutely be a non-starter for me buying the box. You're certainly not the only one who dislikes the assembly though and I get that stance.
  16. A picture of the ES Starter Box on Noble Knight's webpage (https://www.nobleknight.com/P/2147859034/Explorers-Society-Starter-Box) says the models are pre-assembled? Maybe I missed it in the smattering of news that come out on the starter boxes, but that's news to me. Has anybody heard whether the contents of these boxes will be offered in just regular plastic not pre-assembled kits?
  17. Just wandering if anybody has the box yet and has pictures of the actual models? Curious how the sculpts (and scale) turned out.
  18. Has anybody seen the Raiders buried in the store somewhere? I though they'd have been up for special order by now but I don't see them.
  19. I personally am not in favor of the preassembled models. NOT criticizing anybody else here. Just providing a voice of dissent from the other camp.
  20. With luck you're right that Bayou Bash might have some suitable proxies. It's worth being hopeful at least. I'm still pursuing a custom option though.
  21. Admittedly these are opinions in regards to the appearance of the models, but I don't think its over-reacting. If you want to stick with pigs, rather than other barnyard animals, then you choices are very limited. And because the scaling issues are so irritating to me personally, I'd rather not use them. The War Rabbit is the only alternative that matches the same-ish general size as the "original" plastic War Pig. The Sparkle Steed has the same scaling issues we've already identified, and based on the picture I've seen I'm not confident that the attachment points for the base are adequate for a metal model. I'm not a fan of the War Rooster sculpt, and at that point why not just use Rooster Riders?
  22. CNC cutting the molds for plastic injection molding is stupid expensive and I think requires pretty long lead times with the shops that actually do the tooling. This isn't to excuse the errors....but I don't think Wyrd is large enough to afford several several thousands of dollars in additional mold cutting. But yeah. These issues definitely have me turned off buying more of my favorite master's keyword. @RufessWhat about commissioning an artist to concept and 3d sculpt an aggressive looking pig (that doesn't infringe on IP). Then printing that model and putting the Rooster Rider Gremlin's on top of an appropriately scaled 3d print? Hell I think I just talked myself into that plan. Edit: so some initial searching suggests it'll cost maybe a couple hundred bucks to have an artist prepare a concept and then have a 3d sculptor design the model.
  23. And how much does it cost to have one of those molds tooled these days? Could we like...I dunno...start a GoFundMe page or something to have these things redone to be the correct size?
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