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Mourning Belles 17th March 2018


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Greeting fellow readers of the Malifaux forums.

Yes I know the 17th March is a Saturday but that is the only date I have available this month.  This will be a fixed faction 50ss crews playing over three 120 minute rounds using Gaining Grounds 2018.  Fully painted crews only, we do not care how good bad or ugly your paint job is as long as effort has been put in to make them look cool on the tabletop.  Lastly we only have room for 12 players.


The Venue: Impact UK, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN

Shop Tel: (01909) 560273

Entry Fee: Advanced booked tickets £10 – On the door price £15

Rules Pack: Mourning Belles Rules Pack

Tournament Schedule

Registration 9am

Round One first card flip 10am – round ends at 12pm

Feeding Time at the Zoo 12pm 12:45pm

Round Two first card flip 1pm – round ends at 3pm

Round Three first card flip 3:15pm – round ends at 5:15pm

More details will be added closer to the event.

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Players that do not win a prize will receive a Guilder and we will also be holding a raffle for some Mystery Boxes. The main prizes are curtsey of Art of War Studios & Impact Wargaming.
1st Place Set of Gold Scheme Markers & £10 in store voucher
2nd Place Set of Silver Scheme Markers & £5 in store voucher
3rd Place Set of Markers/Tokens & £5 in store voucher
4th Place Set of Markers/Tokens
Last Place “Pot Noodle”
Prize for the “Most Outstanding Competitor”
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Signed up for Saturday.

·         Stuart

·         Luke

·         Mathew

·         Phil

·         Jonathan

·         Perry

·         Mike

·         James

·         Daniel

·         Jason (maybe)

·         Reserve - Trevor

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Mourning Belles Final Standings

1     Joe Jackson
2     Stuart Macmillan
3     Mike Jenkins
4     Phil Snead
5     Ross Mason
6     Luke Mosley
7     Daniel T J Haslam
8     Mathew Brockbank
9     James Macmillan
10     Johnathan Macmillan
11     Perry Dale     
12     Jason Macmillan

Big thanks to Trev for being the TO for this event.

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