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Friday Preview - Basotho Cavalry


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Happy Friday!  It's time for another look at The Other Side!  This week we are taking a peek at the Basotho Cavalry of the Abysinnian faction.  


The Basotho people are from southern Africa, but they emigrated north during the Zulu expansion in the early 19th century. Encountering the Abyssinian empire, they were invited to join their ranks for mutual protection. In the years that followed, the Basotho considered it an honor to help serve in the military, and their use of Basuto horses gave them a distinct role in the empire's battles. Excellent harriers, the Basotho Cavalry lay down a torrent of gunfire to control enemy movements, allowing slower Abyssinian forces to engage on their terms.

On the tabletop, Basotho Cavalry have incredible Speed. When combined with their Missile weapons, this allows them to harass enemy units by giving out Pinned Tokens. Controlling the opponent’s mobility can be key to making sure Abyssinian forces aren’t outnumbered in skirmishes around the table.

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Love these guys.

At first glance aside all the other stuff Abys has I was a bit "meh" (I also have a personal issue with horses that probably contributes to this) but they quickly became one of my favorites and I use them in at least half my games if not more. Horses look great, too, and I'm just in love with the detail on the edge of the cloak. 

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I feel like the posters in this thread are taking Kai for a ride, cant(er) you all give him a break? Don't have your blinders on, the mane purpose of these previews is to get excited over new shinies, not have the gall(op) to sass him. Wyrd, give me these models soon, I can't wait for a rein-y day in March!

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