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Resser...my oh my...what to buy?


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My fellow Wyrdos,

I am a resser player and want my shiny new Sybelle sculpt. To spent money on awesome miniatures is no problem, but...

what shall I buy?

Here ist what I have:

Seamus, McMorning, Nicodem, Molly (the crew boxes)


Archie, Yin, Bete Noir, Necropunks, Canine Remains

So what could be next for 60$

I was thinking of Drowned and the university box? Or shall I buy the Hanged to get my nasty 13summon? So many good stuff out there...


Any help is much appreciated ;)


greetings from Berlin


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He already has Philip, it comes in Molly box.

Are you going to play every single master you have? I suppose not. So the master-specific buy lists I would personally advice are:

Seamus: Doxies, Carrion Emissary

McMOUrning: another Flesh Construct and maybe Guild Autopsies

Nicodem: Hanged, Doxies

Molly: Doxies, Transmortis set and maybe Rogue Necromancy (i prefer it over Archie).

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Mindless Zombies for Nicodem, an extra Flesh Construct and Guild Autopsies for McMourning, Rogue Necromancy for Seamus or Molly, Killjoy for Molly, University of Transmortis for Molly and Nicodem (mainly) or spirits for Molly (you could easily spend more than 60$).

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