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mccabe and his minions

Richard matthews

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good morning all,

I have been playing malifaux for around 18 months and recently made the precarious step into TT with the treasure hunter himself, and I could use some help from you beautiful people, I have started playing him and like the emissary (who doesn't want to push a model with an upgrade and give it fast) in a crew where everything has upgrades attached, my question to you is what minions do people use I quite lke wastrels min damage 4 seems pretty good for a 4ss model and the double walk plus defensive  I like

really the ones I've looked at and the reasons behind them are

Wastrel 4ss - reasons above

Dawn serpent 10ss- pure attacking  goodness ml and  ca 7 with pretty decent damage that gives poison, it has a good number of wounds and can heal itself so it makes it a prime target for my reactivate.

illuminated 7ss - it is a tank it can heal regen decent damage give it fast and rip through a model a turn

TTB 5ss - I like the fact that t can adapt to all stations, and that it can really help with protecting markers frim people like Titania, Rogourou, Parker.

TTA - looked at these but I'm not sold as I tend to run McCabe with promises which makes these less efficient, I do wish that promises as limited and they created a new upgrade that give positive to Sh actions.

guild hounds - if I'm going to run Luna, if I'm running kamiatatchi I don't tend to take them but I know that many of you will shout guild hounds at me.

any comment or other recommendations




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A single Torakage or Warden are great users for the Glowing Saber. Torakage can use his :+fate to attack and damage when there are no friendly model within 3". Saber with :+fate for damage can be really scary, and with Wk 6 and potentially Reactivate/Nimble from McCabe those guys become quick and efficient beaters (but they are mostly one-shot, once they kill something important, the opponent will focus on them and kill them quickly, so make sure they end up their activation within 10" from McCabe). WWardens get additional ram when attacking  models that have already activated, boosting the low damage on the saber to 3. They are a bit slower then Torakage and less likely to get a moderate or severe, but they are also a bit more sturdy.

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Seems like you have identified some very good choices. McCabe is great juat because he can get use out of almoat any model. He is the master where I'm the least worried about getting the optimal choice to be honest. I've even hear of people using Oiran with their errata upgrade to get fast and focus with the saber. :)

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4 minutes ago, Ludvig said:

I've even hear of people using Oiran with their errata upgrade to get fast and focus with the saber. :)

I did see this actually on another post it seems like a very good idea one that I might have to test out against my regular players. I decided on McCabe not because he can do everything but im a very aggressive player (coming from 40k) I think a nice support master will help my positioning in the long term and no one in my area play TT other than me and brewmaster

I will have to try both the oiran and the torakage, I looked at the warden but he just seems so slow and fragile or is it just me

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dogs are cheap and fast as scheme runners or melee missiles.

torakage is fast and :+fate flips is really good.

high river monks generates 3 attacks on charge

oirans can gain FAST quite easy with upgrade, boost your WP and can't be charged.


katanakas, dawn serpent and yorogumo are good minions to reactivate.

If you take Kamaitachi istead Luna everything with Hard To Kill has is survability increased...

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Hounds can be used to overwhelm stuff in a pinch. They charge for a (1) near markers so can either deny the always scheme by walking and charging the model that placed the marker as your last activation or make a lot of attacks to get that last hp off a model for dig their graves. They are less impressive with the saber thN other choices though scoring breakthrough and stuff will also get you three VP for a pretty low soulstone investment.

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