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Leveticus - How is he post errata?


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Hey everyone,  I've always dug Levi's theme but I have generally stayed away from him as my group was sorta just starting and I didn't think he would be a good experience for newer players.  Now that our group has matured a bit and he's been through a few cuddles, is he still a NPE?  Similarly, is he still a good master?  I don't want to play him if he's gone too far the other way too.


What's everyone's thoughts on him post errata?

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I've played Leveticus a great deal both before and after the errata, and I'd say that he went from quite bonkers to great. While his face-melting capability went down, he's still great as a deceptively mobile offensive summoner, who's able to threaten models who are otherwise resilient, and his great hiring pool continues to grow. 

Now that the new kill-the-enemy-master-scheme won't make his mechanics actually give away points to the enemy, you could play Leveticus in most games. I find that Leveticus himself is best in interference, extraction and stake a claim, but his hiring pool allows his crew to be tailored as much as you like towards certain scenarios.

To sum it up; I feel that he's really good, but I won't feel guilty at all when fielding him. :)

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I think he's pretty balanced.

Definitely not weak, but not too overpowered since he's now extremely card-hungry when doing his facemelting thing.


He can be a challenge to face for an opponent who relies heavily on defensive tools like armor and negative flips to damage (my second game with him was vs gremlins, I got a surpised "what do you mean you killed Gracie Turn 1"), so to prevent any negative experiences I'd go "this is Leveticus, he's going to shoot your face within 12" and ignore all of your defenses, he can also focus for free, teleport 10" or bury himself, get ready to have your face melted", which should prepare them for the incoming problems.

So yeah, and he's insanely fun if you want to murder stuff and turn it into steampunk abominations.

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