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  1. Just some of my observations over the half a dozen games I've played with Molly.
  2. I think you're bang on in most cases. I would add that adding Kirai to a Molly crew is probably going to be quite strong. The limit on summoning (2) with ikiryo is largely a non-issue and Molly can help with Kirai's card draw. A crew I've been looking at: Molly (Leader) (0) Kirai + The Whisper (16+2) Necrotic Machine (0) Archie (9) Crooligan (4) Crooligan (4) Nurse (7) Seishin (3) 5SS Cache. Seems to be well rounded and able to dish out a lot of damage once the engine gets going (ideally Ikiryo and a Goryo T1).
  3. Thanks friend! That sounds super interesting and perhaps a good compliment to Molly? Interested to try her out!! Just waiting for the Court of 2 box to use as a proxy.
  4. Hey thanks fella! That's super helpful! Time to do a bit of research. I absolutely adore the Archie model
  5. Hey friends, I'm interested in Molly and Kirai for m3e but I haven't really been following their beta development. What successes in M3E have you had with those two? What models do you like with them generally? Any neat interactions? Thanks all! Enjoy the weekend!
  6. What's your typical take in a Sonnia list?
  7. Hmm interesting list, why do you rate Sonnia so high? I, admittedly haven't tried her yet, but nothing on her card screams particularly useful. My rank would be: Lucius Dashel/Perdita Basse/LJ/Sonnia Nellie/Hoffman Lucius' card manipulation puts him into first for me. Dashel seems to just get his crew to tick well and perdita, while a little predictable, has quite good mobility and arguably some of the best range threat out there. The next 3 appear to be beaters more or less but less good at it than the 2 above. Nellie I just cant get my head a
  8. Hmmm anyone figured out a decent way to get a flesh construct t1 with the dr?
  9. The trigger on dismember reads enemy living, undead, or beast. Is that enemy living and any undead or beast, OR Enemy living, enemy undead or enemy beast? Tia
  10. Played a few games with Lucius now, both in NB and Guild, and the question I keep coming to is; Is he fun? Like actually fun to play and play against? Well actually fun to play is subjective, but, issuing command 3 times to a changeling to copy issue command to obey etc etc just hasn't been all that inspiring. Both my opponents eyes and mine gloss over during his activation haha. Not sure it's a problem as much as it is an observation.
  11. Zoraida and Bad JuJu could both use re-sculpts.
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