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  1. Played a few games with Lucius now, both in NB and Guild, and the question I keep coming to is; Is he fun? Like actually fun to play and play against? Well actually fun to play is subjective, but, issuing command 3 times to a changeling to copy issue command to obey etc etc just hasn't been all that inspiring. Both my opponents eyes and mine gloss over during his activation haha. Not sure it's a problem as much as it is an observation.
  2. Zoraida and Bad JuJu could both use re-sculpts.
  3. Wait, what is the chain obeying and how does it work? Just picked up Lucius myself.
  4. Oh makes sense, yeah I was think all those obey type abilities were none leader
  5. How do you shoot Lucius' rifle upwards of 12 times??
  6. I was taking zoraida with my dreamer crew. Unfortunately for dreamer, just taking zoraida as the master is better than slotting her into dreamer. Access to slurids and not paying the dreamer 'tax' to take chompy have pretty much made me stop considering dreamer.
  7. Anyone else feel underwhelmed by dreamer in general. The summoning isn't great and I'm at a loss with what he actually does that's all that great, certainly nothing that's worthy of a master. His zero is decent and I get some mileage out of it but otherwise I think teleporting chompy around is all hes got. I understand that chompy is "free" but I'm not sure 2 mediocre models is worth the master slot. I look at lynch who has a similar hiring condition. Master with a 'free' expensive totem; lynch is a much more useful master imo. He has the same teleport trick and a form of summon while having a host of useful abilities. Huggy may hit slightly less hard but is backed up by a great heal and obey. Both seems to be better than the dreamer/chompy hire.
  8. I tried it last night, I think It's fine on stuff like the daydreams or alps, I generally used better zeroes on bigger models. I ended up removing, 1,3,4,5,6,6,8 The 8 was removed on the second time I did it, just an unfortunate flip. I generally felt like my deck was hotter than my opponents but I was also using zoraida which between peaking at my cards/drawing new hands, could of been a skew.
  9. Question about the Lucid Dreaming rework. It says to remove 1 non-joker card and then discard ANY other revealed cards - emphasis mine. Does ANY mean I need to discard the other 2 OR i could discard 0-2 and put the remaining back. Interesting change!
  10. Oh I like this. It gives you the potential to swap a low card for a high card in the immediate and sculpts the deck as the game goes on. Would probably save stones too as you'd be included to use this ability instead of stoning for cards.
  11. Lucid dreaming isn't worth using currently. I've tried using it a few times now and have never found that its either a) worth the card or b) made a noticeable difference. Given that discarding cards in the crew is pretty common (flurry, protection, accomplice, and my opponents abilities like execute), nearly 100% of the time I would rather keep the card in hand than use Lucid Dreaming. The only time I could see it being a consideration would be turn 1 and then we're only talking 1-2 cards removed - Not enough to make any real difference and certainly it not worth being on 5 different models. Even then, I'd rather keep the card in case something happens unexpectedly (dreamer becomes targeted, someone leaves something in range of a lead nightmare teddy, etc). Honestly, I'm not sure there's a fix to it. Either it becomes way too good (say you suffered 1 dmg instead of discarding) or its not noticeable (like it is currently). I like the idea of card manipulation, maybe its a low TN pulse vs WP that causes models within x" to discard? Or causes the nightmare to draw a card? Would have synergy with feed on fear and summoning nightmares. Alternatively, something completely different, maybe it could increase the TN of terrifying for nearby nightmares. Maybe a cap at +1? The dreamer crew is almost there imo, I think this is really the only ability that just isn't working atm.
  12. Yeah, I suppose you could drop the built in suit entirely, forcing either the card or SS. Also, I think it would burn through models pretty quick and may leave him without a crew to play with, especially if WP don't go your way. Definitely needs some higher level thought thou, I agree.
  13. What if protected worked a little different. What if we increased the range, say to 6" and you passed off the damage flip, not the whole attack? IE: You swing on dreamer who benefits from serene countenance, you flip damage, it's reduced by incorp., then you pass it off to a nightmare within 6". Too good? You could make protection a trigger, maybe built in on wp and not for df? Then there's play with some models turning off triggers. Thoughts?
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