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Pairing with Asami


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Hi there, I am dipping my toe into Ten Thunders with Asami and all the oni models released to date (via regular availability and the Black Friday preorders). What other master should I pick up in order to have at least moderate flexibility in the game if some kind of scheme/strat shows up that I really want to avoid with Asami.

I'd prefer to avoid Shenlong if possible because he is the main master of another player in my group. If it ends up Shenlong is the absolute answer to this question, I will consider it, but I'd rather not if there is only like 10% variance.

Thanks and please show your work.  ;-)

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Misaki likes having the Last Blossom Jorogumo for Smoke & Shadows shenanigans. They are also scary beaters that can take some of the heat off of her and hunt the small fish that Misaki shouldn't waste her time killing. Ohaguro Bettari is also nice as an extra threat that can come at the opponent from unexpected points, such as from behind a building. If you get the Shadow Emissary at some point both of these ladies will like its confluxes (generic & Thunder) and its a great model on its own. Special mention that Ama No Zako is also an Oni that can follow Misaki into Outcasts.

McCabe also loves Jorogumo for amazing Nimble/Reactivate targets. He will also lead you into the Guild which I wholeheartedly endorse but may not be for you :P 

Mei Fang likes the Obsidian Oni to drop scrap markers at range and they are also very solid for their points, but aren't constructs so no rail walking points. The Mechanical Porkchop is still probably a better hire for her.

Tengu are great scheme runners so can be good with anyone without assistance. The Yokai can fill a similar role and can hit harder too, but are that one more stone expensive to hire.

Shenlong is not necessary to help shore up Asami, but he is very good as I hope your fellow community member can attest. Sensei Yu doesn't do anything particularly unique with Asami so I'd say its safe to leave that box out. I'd say overall to get Misaki and eventually the Emissary. That way you have a summoning/movement master and a killy master that can utilize the Oni well.

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McCabe and Shenlong are "close enough" far as crew buffing support masters go. I wouldn't let myself get pressured into Shenlong if I were you. Which is a shame since he's the best master:DBut seriously, take a look at McCabe. He buffs everything better but especially minions, like let's say all of Asami's summoning pool. What's worse than a spider demon? How about reactivating spider demon. Or maybe you'd prefer one with regeneration. Or you know how nimble is the best ability, give it that. Heck why even choose, just give it all the buffs! McCabes upgrade tossing also ensures that whoever you need healed by Obsidian Oni has an upgrade to be eligible.

Also isn't Asami something of a bubble master? Shenlong likes to bubble hard. McCabe too to an extent, but he's on a horse so it's a big, mobile bubble.

You might also consider Lynch. Whereas Asami is a card hungry summoner, Lynch is the master of hand building and manipulation. Two very different play experiences I imagine. If you prefer really in-your-face type masters, there's Mei Feng and Misaki. Neither is a buff heavy master so strong independent models like Oni work well. Mei likes scrap markers which Obsidian Oni provide and Jorogumo take and dish out enough damage to encourage a lot of cheating which favours Misaki's assassination skills.

I think McCabe is your best bet, but all the masters I mentioned have potential if you really dig their style.

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As the above posters have already mentioned, McCabe would be a great choice because of the Jorogumo.  If you get McCabe, you don't really need Shenlong.  They both fill the same role in my opinion. 

In terms of a killy master, I would recommend Lynch.  He's self-sufficient and I personally feel that going heavy into models that give out brilliance is a trap because he can provide all the brilliance he needs.  So instead you can bring models that benefit from being able to discard a card for free (Ten Thunders Brothers, anything with flurry, stuff you might go go defensive with, etc).  A single Samurai is amazing with Lynch because it flips so many cards in an activation (more chances to find those aces).  I highly recommend one.  Unfortunately, Asami's box doesn't synergize that well with Lynch.  So if you're looking for less purchases overall, I would recommend Misaki then because she can benefit from using Jorogumo and Yokai and Obsidian Oni more than Lynch can.

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