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Found 13 results

  1. I have recently been considering picking up the Oni keyword and a question has been in the back of my mind about one key mechanic, the Flicker Token. If I summon a minion through Asami on turn 1 and that minion, for example the Tengu which is minion 3, dies from the Flicker tokens, am I able to resummon that same minion on a different turn?
  2. So I am quite new to the forums, so I decided to make myself a hobby thread of some of the Malifaux models which I have painted. I am still quite new to the game only really starting to get into it a year ago, but have been quite hooked. First is my latest and main crew, Asami. I love painting these models... but am so happy I never have to do anything like Ama no Zako ever again. These were all done mainly with contrast paints which I just love for Malifaux models and then highlighted afterwards. The spiders were the biggest pain in the ass... so many legs! Then we have the MVO (very important oni) Ama no Zako herself. She is my designated Archie killer as my friend usually play Molly, so she deserved a fancy paint job. Then we have my two versatile models that I most often take with her... though after the FAQ I don't really see me taking Yasunori that often... which is a shame. Still have a lot to get for this crew, but this is what I got so far. Later I will post my other models.
  3. Sup guys I'm quite new to gen thunders and yesterday I had my first match up with asami (against Reva). I didn't t won, but I quite liked the master and I want to get a better understanding of the crew, so here I am asking for sudjestions The list I used was Asami (heavenly design, nefarious pact) 7ss Amanjaku Amanozako (recalled, smokebombs) Ohgaru Bettari (the eat your fill up I can remebare the name xD ) 2x katanakas 1 tt bro This list was conceived mainly to try out every model in the box (I focused on summoning yokai, and I got a jorogumo + obsidian on later turns), adding the katanaka in order to give some long range support. The fact I was against a Reva made it hard to rush the middle with models, cause I would had put Asami in a bad spot, but otherwise it seems to me to be a good idea to be a midfield summoner like molly, rather than something like Ramos. Also, it looked to me like it would be a good idea to switch between summoning and using her others actions, rather than just spamming models, cause otherwise you'll spend your entire game with no cards in your hand. About the other models, Amanozako performed really well, and I think I won't let her behind easily, while ohaguro bettari did kinda "meh", mainly because the summonings drained my hand (guess next time I'll try with recalled even on her), but her mobility is quite something, so she might end up being my scheme runner hunter. About the amanjaku, it really felt useless :| sure, his attack get really good as the game goes on, but I don't quite like the fact that he uses 9's for his action and is insignificant (meaning he can mostly act like a sort of bodyguard for Asami/cheap activation). I'll probably sobstitute it with the effigy, or the wonder weasel when I can get my hands on some terra-cotta warriors. Models I want to try in the future are : illuminated, yamaziko (mainly against Neverborn/resurrectionist), the emissary (who seems quite useful tho I'm not quite sold on him) and some low river monks Summonings wise, here's my impressions about the models: Akaname and tengu: haven't used them, tho I don't think I'll ever summon one unless in very situation cases. Yokai: these guys are awesome, and just by the fact you get instant flicker 2, makes them the best summon you can get with asami Obsidian: situationally good, they work well for tarpitters but wouldn't summon too many of these. Still need to test them better (might try to bring a couple deployed) Jorogumo: not worth summoning them without any corpse around, but otherwise even with flicker 2, they're really nice thanks to their damage track and their 3" engagement. Can see one being really annoying in interference if well placed. These are my very earlie thoughts, I m open to any sudjestions, list ideas and critique I'm looking for some feedback to get a better understanding of the master thanks to anyone stopping by!
  4. Hey guys, I have played a few games (still probably less than 10) and I love the game - currently using Lynch and Huggy and having fun with them... but Asami has caught my eye (as new masters all do!!) and I wondered how well it would transfer to begin with (funding will stop me from getting everything she needs straight away) using what qualifies as Ten Thunders from the Lynch box and Graves? I would pick up her box and Obsidian Oni to kick off - will she play ok with Illuminated etc? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers.
  5. Hello all, I was Theory-Faux'ing and playing around with Nellie and Brutal Emissary combos and as good as the generic conflux upgrade is, many of the emissaries generic conflux upgrades are far inferior to master-specific upgrades not including all the synergy the specific upgrades offer. I wonder if there were any rumors of wave 4 upgrades on the horizon. Better yet, to make this post more fun, what would you craft if you could design the wave 4 conflux upgrade? I’d love to hear clever ideas that are not too broken. The wonderful thing about the master-specific upgrades is that they synergies yet are not broken. Wyrd didn’t want to relive the brokenness of the campaign upgrades again and did a great job imo. I would love to hear ideas that are fun but not OP, any ideas?
  6. Hi there, I am dipping my toe into Ten Thunders with Asami and all the oni models released to date (via regular availability and the Black Friday preorders). What other master should I pick up in order to have at least moderate flexibility in the game if some kind of scheme/strat shows up that I really want to avoid with Asami. I'd prefer to avoid Shenlong if possible because he is the main master of another player in my group. If it ends up Shenlong is the absolute answer to this question, I will consider it, but I'd rather not if there is only like 10% variance. Thanks and please show your work. ;-)
  7. While I'm waiting for Her Oniness to ship over the pond, I've been watching out for snippets of book 4 information and am starting to build crews in my head. Would appreciate some community thoughts: Upgrades - for me Nefarious Pact is a must. Johan is too popular a merc to ever assume your opponent will not have condition removal, and card draw is massive for summons, even if it is to fuel the rest of your crew or shape next turns hand. Other than that, I like the idea of Servant of 5 Drags. What are other people thinking about upgrade wise? The appearance of Terracotta Warriors means situational upgrades can now be taken and swapped out if not applicable. Totem - I think Asami has 3 legitimate totem choices: "Our Man, Jack" looks like a good cheap activation. Hard to shift and hits surprisingly hard late game. I like the to sh aura, but... 9...? And I'm not yet convinced I'll care too much whether my summons last till the next turn. Interference and Reconnoiter, I guess. Child: thematically, I love the idea of Asami adopting a Malifaux Child! In practise it's another cheap activation that allows you to get off the movement shenanigans or focus tricks that are really good on Asami's card, but I imagine you just don't want to spend her AP on... plus, heal! Kamaiachi: at first glance, not a strong option. Bit more expensive, doesn't do massive amounts. However, add in the Terracotta Warrior (I know we are now at 9ss) and it gets mental! Wonder Weasel counts for Strat, draws a card, gives a heal, gives a small push, gives a big push, hands out burning, charges for 1AP and makes use of Betti's flay aura. I think this could be utterly disgusting, particularly if you then add in Shadow Emissary! Summon a model and charge with attacks against an opponent with -2df... What thoughts are other people having?
  8. Hello. I played wth Asami for the first time yesterday, and a couple of questions regarding "flicker" came up: "The Fate of Mortals" skill states that "Ones per turn, after an opponent scores 1 or more VP, target friendly Oni within 6" may gain the Flicker+1 condition until the end of the game". Does this also count with VP gained at the end of the turn? And if so can this be applied to an Oni who would loose the last flicker at the end of that turn, so it will stay in game for another turn? We played "Interference" for strategy and was also wondering if the summoned Onis who lost their last flicker and therefore was removed at the end of the turn also counted toward controlling table quarters. Again, the VP is counted at "the end of the turn", so at the same time as the Onis loose their last flicker and disappear.
  9. As info starts to trickle through from Ripples of Fate, I wanted to check that I am reading Asami's 'Feigned Weakness' upgrade properly. Let's create a hypothetical: Asami has 'Feigned Weakness' attached. Turn 1 no one scores. Turn 2 opponent scores off the strat only, Asami doesn't score. Using Feigned Weakness she can summon a Tengu, slow and flicker +2. As scoring is the last thing to happen in the turn, conditions have already been reduced, and the Tengu keeps Flicker +2 until the end of turn 3. Slow carries over into turn 3, but as the Tengu was summoned at the end of turn 2, it is able to interact as normal on turn 3. Is there something I'm missing, or is that all correct?
  10. Hi guys my payday came a little too late for Gencon, so I'm now looking to buy the Asami boxset for an Oni's Wrath. I know it's a long shot, but I'm hoping someone bought it and changed their mind. I'm uk based but would be willing to pay import costs. Many thanks guys
  11. So, I was thinking it'd be kinda cool to have Asami's summons painted/modeled differently to represent their Flicker. Like, I'd have two normal Jorgumo to hire into crews, and one with the flicker effect for when she gets off the super summons. Maybe two normally painted Tengu, and one with the flicker effect waiting to be summoned. etc. Right now, the best idea I have is to do some kind of ghostly neon green paint scheme for them. Do you guys have any better suggestions?
  12. Now that the cat's out of the bag at last, I'm so hyped that we're getting a summoning Master. (see Asami's full card at http://www.wyrd-games.net/asami-tanaka ) Looking forward to using her with all the Oni arriving at the end of July, and that we now have a summoning option for stuff like Turf War, Reconnoiter, etc. I'm also happy to see all the self- and other-pushes on her card. It'll provide some great tactical opportunities for sure.
  13. Wow, I've already got a question about Asami... That was fast! This came up in her 10T thread & has piqued my interest. When she summons with From The Maw, They Come & there are 3 Corpse/Scrap markers nearby, does the summoned model gain Flicker +4 (Flicker +1 plus max Flicker +3 from the markers) or Flicker +3 assuming the max+3 is combined with the original Flicker +1. Hope that makes sense! I can read it both ways. It might not happen much, but it could, so it would be nice to know!
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