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  1. They definitely could. Two Exclusive Interview actions can push an enemy model 10" away (assuming enemy model is B2B with something close). It's only Ca5 but unless your opponent realizes what's happening they probably wont mind too much. That is 14-28 stones (assuming at least two Riflemen and maybe Dashel as well) clustered up and not moving, which is a lot. Field Reporters work best mid-field causing a ruckus, I've found. The Guardsmen could get there, but then they're not shooting either. I will still try the gunline idea and see what's what eventually, as this is mostly conjecture bu
  2. Gunlines are static, easily countered in this game, and frankly boring to play. I think the only good use for Riflemen is with Dashel guarding a deployment zone corner and giving out Accusation when they get engaged, because they will. They're play-style (shoot things) is only great when it's done by a mobile model like Perdita, which they are no where close to being. Great models, fun fluff, blah rules. Wardens and Mounted Guards help give a boost to the Guardsmen station but it can still be a trap to focus on it. Lucius loves Thralls and Wardens and they work really well together.
  3. Wow. Now I'm interested in getting a Lazarus too haha
  4. This is the kind of Dreamer I would buy. I love the attitude and the momentum.
  5. Declaration of intent really solves all these infinitely minute issues people ask about. Arguing over the definition of the word "is" and other stuff like that. Communication with your opponent (otherwise known as your friend, buddy, pal, etc) is as easy as saying "I am positioning this model so that your Belle cannot have LOS to it at this moment, do you agree?" Your opponent then performs a Walk and gains LOS and you lose.
  6. Can you guys hire me to proof read your material? A pet peeve of mine is misspelled words and I see them all (OH GOD I SEE EVERYTHING)... I'm at six errors so far. Three of these were in Asami's story I accept payment in fluff and firm handshakes. Firm, not squishy.
  7. In what situation would you see yourself taking a War Pig with Marcus? Or The Sow? Is a pig focused Marcus list viable? And in what situations?
  8. I really really like her. There is a lack of crazy magic ghost hair models and when I paint her up to be the girl from The Grudge it will fit nicely. "Bite" is interesting - Ama-like devour? "Oni from the Beyond" also raises my eyebrows - Oni summoning master? She is described as Support and obviously an Omi herself. It would be amazing to have a true summoner in 10T besides Toshiro. Crossing my fingers for Guild next week! Make those Arcanists wait even longer - that'll show'em.
  9. Hello everyone, New Malifaux player from Minnesota reporting in. I picked up Yan Lo and his Ancestor friends, and will likely expand into Sonnia Guild town soon. I'm having a ton of fun learning the game and will post some photos of my completed crews as they happen
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