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  1. Wow, that is not what I expected at all but I love it! More badass women for the Ortegas and the Guild.
  2. There's a link to a fun article I wrote in my sig, below.
  3. As far as anyone is aware they are still in the process of moving the website, likely your request for lost in the shuffle. Try again, or wait, or do nothing. You might get the same result either way.
  4. If the mood strikes All the other masters have solid PMF entries so I won't rush anything out. I like to get a couple solid months of playtime with each master to feel things out before I feel confident enough to write about them. Soon...ish...
  5. @Da Git It was in one of the books, and Riot Breakers were mentioned as well. I don't have page numbers offhand, but they're in there somewhere.
  6. Hi All, I unleash upon you the juggernaut of information I have compiled about Nellie Cochrane and her Journalist friends here on Midwest Wargaming. Meant to be more of an overview rather than a complete guide, hopefully this article will help anyone looking to get into Nellie or to find out what the hell is even happening when you play against her. Feedback welcome, but be nice or I'll defame you in my next article for being mean *threatening keyboard motions* I also included fun snippets about the Wave 5 playtest models, and will update any crazy changes that happen. They're left vague and small on purpose because nothing is currently final. None of the Guild or Merc models have much direct synergy with Nellie anyway so it's fine. Let me know what you think.
  7. Chronicles, Crossroada, Christmas, Chinchillas. It's all the same in the end.
  8. Whichever Chronicles story about Lucius' portrait painter going insane after realizing he painted Lucy's true form really puts a hole into this theory. Even if Nellie's face leaves something to be desired, it wouldn't give someone a mental breakdown...probably >_>
  9. The autopsies are better in just about every way, too. Stupid Undead improvements.
  10. Night Terrors. Using Asami's AP to summon a 3 stone model that will last a turn or two doesn't seem unbalanced to me. It would need a 7 versus the 8 for a Tengu/Akaname. *shrug* One quick search later and I found backgrounds for the Shisa and Inugami which are both dog-like spirits that could easily work. I'd lean more towards the Shisa who are similar to the Komainu and have that guardian spirit vibe which is very different than the current ultra-violent Oni feeling.
  11. The difference between the 5 stones of a brother and the 3/4 of a puppy/tot is a little different than the 12-13 cost of Yas Different roles, too. A 10T Hound would be fantastic, but I'm not sure how that would come about. Maybe a 3ss Oni dog? I don't know enough to pick one out of lore.
  12. Do you mean Ten Thunders Brothers? I agree with most points made so far, 10T are lacking some things other factions have plenty of and fall behind a little for it. More Oni summons would be amazing and so would more keyword-oriented models to help flush out themes in general.
  13. Well, none of those options are mounted so... Pale Rider with the Sabre is a beast. Francisco and Executioners are also great. Grimwell is fine but super easy to kill.
  14. Sue and Big Jake are both Mercs and hurt themselves to draw cards. I haven't tried it yet but those two plus Hannah will make for some great hand control. I unintentially destroyed an opponent's hand with Austringer's Mask trigger with a couple Thralls beating people up. Good times.
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