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Must-have models for Kirai


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Some non spirits that can be useful are: Flesh Construct as a pile of wounds to summon from, Nurse for debuffing fun and perhaps heal summoned stuff, Rotten Belles, Necropunks/Canine Remains/Crooligans are all affordable scheme runners, Anna for her auras and a very decent ranged attack, Mindless Zombies to go with the Emissary (who is a Spirit with Kirai's conflux).

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Assuming in a Kirai crew, Philip is your only real choice. Only six models can hold it in any crew: Molly, Killjoy, Rogue Necromancy, Philip, Valedictorian and Yin. You generally only see Philip with Kirai, because none of the rest are Spirits. In general, I'd only put it on Molly other than Philip, because those other models are all likely kill targets for your opponent. Yin is possibly an exception, but I think there are better upgrades for her (Unnerving Aura for instance, or Necrotic Preparation).

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