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The Guild Compendium

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1 hour ago, Jernmajoren said:

@Ludvig Nice catch, fixed :)

Right back at you for going through the entire compendium and noting all that, having a look at your post was easy in comparison ;)

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On 10-4-2017 at 11:17 PM, Jernmajoren said:

Really helpful thanks for taking the time to make it. :)

Noticed a few typos here a list of errata  :

Preformer -> Performer
Frekorpsmenn -> Freikorpsmann
Dr. Durfesse  -> Dr. Dufresne 
Transparancy -> Transparency
Suprisingly Loyal -> Surprisingly Loyal
Elixer of Life -> Elixir of Life


I believe Master Queeg should also be Guardsman.

For McMourning, maybe also add Anti-Armor and scheme manipulation?


Thanks! Was away for a while but will alter it. As you can see Im not a native English speaker or writer :) Thanks for the input!

As for Anti-Armor and Scheme manipulation, I didn't add it because we have more Anti-Armor available (such as Dita) and a lot of Scheme manipulation aswell (different options) that isn't exclusive to him. 

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