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Thanks, I was aiming for that :). For some other models I used more green, but I dind't want the crews and single models to differ too much and look weird on the table. For my new Arcanists I'm going for a colour sheme per crew/theme.


Is there a limit for uploading pictures?



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Nothing much happening since a while, for I haven't got much time. But here are some old things and stuff I've been working on.

Mind, a big part of my collection is Infinity. Maybe I'll come around taking photos.

Things I have/want to paint next:

- finish Mei Feng's core crew + extra models

- start with Dreamer and Ironsides crew (damn, I've ordered too much plastic)

- paint up some Guild Ball butchers (I might get the chance to finally play)

- terrain

- .... well, this is a lot of wishlisting :P





IMG_20160731_172218.jpg  IMG_20160805_111835.jpg

IMG_20160731_172233.jpg  IMG_20160805_111848.jpg



IMG-20160529-184740.jpg  IMG_20160529_184753.jpg  IMG_20160529_184759.jpg


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Some pictures of the current Mei Feng Crew. Those models are done. HAve to do the bases...but kind of lost interest in doing so right now as I'm working on my Ironsides Crew. Also need to finish my Neverborn bases....bases - kind of a love-hate relationshio there.


Mei_Feng_Crew 1.jpg

Mei_Feng_Crew 2.jpg


Mei Feng.jpg



Rail Worker.jpg






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Puh...I'm not completely sure since it was before I started writing down recipies. I'm positive I gave them a wash of old GW Flesh Wash first (the one they stopped producing *grrr*) and then mixed it with more and more quantities of P3 Midlund Flesh. Guess highlights were done adding white to Midlund Flesh. I'm not sure though if I already added Vallejo Sunny Skintone to that. Might be. (Great colour btw.)



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Large Arachnid

(With less and less time for painting (and playing...) I have to 'pump out' some coloured models in order to  avoid a grey plastic tide in my cabinet/on the table - and safe time for models I want to pay more attention to or paint mainly for recreation.  So some of the constructs are a bit more sloppy, especially the metall parts.)



Finally figured out how to properly insert images from the gallery :P. So I got that going for me....



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