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  1. DrEvilmonki

    Free alt lazarus - listed in order?

    Thanks peeps, mind is now as still as a pond.
  2. DrEvilmonki

    Free alt lazarus - listed in order?

    OK thanks. I will hold fire until I get the packages then.
  3. DrEvilmonki

    Free alt lazarus - listed in order?

    I will let you know if I get a response from my email. Still waiting.
  4. DrEvilmonki

    Masks from Jury no help for Prdita's Obey

    Yeah I was looking at a few pages at the same time, posted in the wrong area ☺️
  5. Hi I am taking a break from Arcanists and have started playing guild. I am using Perdita and last night took the Jury for the first time, thinking to use the discard a card to add Masks ability. My opponent pointed out this ads Masks when declaring triggers, which is after determining success which is when the Mask is needed for getting the TN. I felt that was a fair enough reading of the timing of the ability (which means she is no good for helping Perdita Obey things), but I wanted to put it out to the forums as well. Agree/Disagree? Thanks.
  6. DrEvilmonki

    Free alt lazarus - listed in order?

    My orders were over $100 US before shipping, there was no line showing tax so how would you know that? If that is the reason I will be pretty pissed. OK time for an email.
  7. Hi I just got confirmation that my Easter order was sent and while all the models I have ordered the alt Lazarus was not listed. Does this just get put in with no mention? Thanks
  8. DrEvilmonki

    What does Amina Naidu do.

    Ah sweet, I have only just put him together. Hadn't even occurred to me to look at his wave 5.
  9. DrEvilmonki

    What does Amina Naidu do.

    How is Sandeep borrowing her close attack?
  10. DrEvilmonki

    How to Deal with Neverborn/Multiple Lures

    Stick bleeding edge tech onto something tanky and throw it into the middle of their biggest threat - I personally use Ironsides, but Joss is pretty good as well. This is especially great against something that only has cast attacks. You could also ask for their advice. They may play competitively but still be happy to debrief afterwards. If not you could suggest they stop being such utter arse hats.
  11. DrEvilmonki

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    Right ho so I sold my house last week, had a tournament last weekend and long and short DNF round one. Having said that, round one is the best DNF because it doesn't directly affect another person. Will need better planning next year.
  12. DrEvilmonki

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    No, not mandatory.
  13. DrEvilmonki

    Auckland -NZ things to come.

    We have 4 coming up from Hamilton for the hobbymaster tournament on the 30th. Really looking forward to getting my arse kicked
  14. DrEvilmonki

    Iron Painter 2017

    I'm in
  15. DrEvilmonki

    M2E Ironsides

    I have tried Toni with bleeding edge tech against Neverborn, Titania did not appreciate being on for all of her actions.