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Advice against never born sought

Anung Un Rama

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I'm playing a 50 ss game tomorrow against never born , more than likely Lilith. Strat is headhunter and the schemes are take prisoner, leave your mark, frame for murder and public demonstration. I have been playing Yan Lo a lot and was thinking about taking him. I have Nico and Seamus as well. I am yet to play a game with Seamus but have played Nico a lot. Any suggestion or advice. I'm still quite green at this game.

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I've never lost a game against Lilith. That perhaps has more to do with most of my previous opponents not being hardcore tournament players than due to my skill, but some of my tactics will probably do well for you.

Lilith has one crack in her defenses, she has a relatively low Wp. And as my favored masters generally attack and abuse Wp it works out for me.

In my Seamus lists I almost always have a Nurse and that makes for a dicey proposition for Lilith. If she doesn't kill the nurse rapidly it limits where Lilith can go, especially if Sramus has the reputation upgrade. I'm many games I pretty much perma paralyzed Lilith with a nurse either because she got too close or because my belles pulled her out of her bolt hole and then the nurse darted forward.

Yin can also be beneficial for the same reason.

Lilith isn't the whole of the crew however, so specifics other than how to deal with her are harder to give because Lilith is so flexible you could face almost anything.

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Don't take Bete Noir -- black blood will make her somewhat frustrating to use due to the 1" melee range.

If you can lure Lillith on turn1/2 you'll win, but it's unlikely to occur -- count on an Illusionary forest blocking LOS to her from your Belle.  (If they mess up here, yes, you'll win the first game, but it won't happen again :)).

Remember that Nekima can win the game alone if she flies into a clump of models, kills one, and makes most of your crew take horror duels.  She has a threat range of something like 15".

You will lose initiative if they bring a Doppelganger, accept it.  :lol:

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