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Base Inserts sold out everywhere?


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Straight off the bat I'm going to say; I don't come here all that often so I'm sorry if this is one of those things that everyone knows about and discusses and I'm just late to the party. I did look around a little and didn't find...anything.


That said. I've been having a LOT of trouble finding bases for my models; specifically the 30mm victorian inserts, but it seems like most of the 30mm inserts are always out of stock.


I've been checking the wyrd store, its been about two months now, if not longer that I've been checking and they've always been out of stock. My LGS is out of almost everything and hasn't restocked. Every other online retailer....


So, does anyone know anywhere that actually has them in stock? or if this is a common thing, or what? kinda of losing my mind here that my Jakob set isn't finished yet because I can't get the bases for him.

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While not the official Wyrd bases, Micro Arts Studio and Cool Mini or Not teamed up to make some base inserts a couple years ago. They have them in 30, 40, and 50mm. They look great. They have tons of styles to choose from. And they are cheap (unless you need alot of 50s, because you can only get them as resin singles, or packed with plastic 40s).

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The insert is smaller than 30mm, as the 30mm refers to the base. I haven't got an insert to hand, but I think they are about 25mm. Inserts into a 40mm base are about 30mm and inserts to a 50mm base are about 40mm.  

I have some bases where I have stuck my "insert" on top of the base rather than in the insert part of the base, which can work fine if the insert is shallow. those cases I can put a 40mm insert on top of a 30 mm base and it doesn't overhang the very edge

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