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Starter Set Digital Rules Manual

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Hey guys, I picked up the Malifaux Starter Set over the weekend and applied for the free digital Rules Manual download, but it's been quite a few days with no word back. How long does the application process take? I picked up a physical copy so I'm not left in the dark, but I'd like to have one for my phone as well.

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A reminder of the instructions on the form:


Promotions are processed once a week. If you submitted your request over a week ago and have not received an e-mail from DriveThruRPG (check your spam folders), please reach out to our customer service via Contact above.

Like Furio wrote, there were some game industry events this past week, so they may be behind on some of the usual work.

The Contact forms that the instructions are referring to:  http://www.wyrd-games.net/contact


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