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  1. Arghh I hadn't noticed it before, well that and the fact I usually play malifaux with the EBO or Puppetwars decks.
  2. Not a major find, but on the back of the Saloon fate deck there is a short bit of text that reads This deck may be used to play Malifaux, The Other Side, or Puppet Wars. Puppet wars isn't forgotton 😈😈
  3. Yesterday on AWP multiple members of wyrd confirmed that it was coming..
  4. I'll be hosting a 50ss gaining grounds tournament at the Helheim gaming club in Banyoles (Girona) on sunday 14th, the first card flips will be at 10:00 but we'll be there an hour beforehand. Limited to 10 players.
  5. Hello! I'll be starting a campaign next week at CAWA Girona wargaming club at the club (Girona, Catalonia, Spain) The current plan is to run 1 game a week for 4 weeks, but once everybody is signed up I might extend the length of the campaign. Interested? then send me a message to confirm and then be at the club on Saturday the 12th at 5pm ready to have the campaign explained (we'll be playing a modified version of shifting loyalities) There will be no limits on how many people can take part, and so far I have 12 people confirmed!
  6. On Friday 11th of May I'll be running a 4 round henchman hardcore tournament with space for 14players, In helheim gaming club (Banyoles, Girona) we'll be kicking off at 8pm and expect to be finished gaming at around 12ish drinking will continue for some time afterwards! This HH event will be running on a modified version of the rules, please contact me for more info.
  7. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/239516 this link should work.
  8. Been heavily advertised locally, but forgot tocpost up here! On Saturday 14th April I'll be running a gg18 50ss tournament starting at 09:30 at Cawa Girona Wargaming club, in Girona! If you need any more info feel free to get in contact with me!
  9. Looks amazing, but the possible prices might be scary. These could easily be more expensive than a certain Nottingham based companies productes, just due to the detailing inside and out!
  10. I agree M3E is on it's way, mainly because I'm not sure how many more books can be brought out at gencon without the game feeling bloated. Suggestions that i've seen include *a book with upgrades for henchmen and enforcers - this would be very cool, but I don't know how many models sales it'll lead to. *a new faction - not going to be everyones cup of tea, but would provide for a new book. *M2.5E - upgrading all the rules and abilities that need a tweek without redoing everything. This year we have the release of ToS, so I don't really see wyrd taking the risk of a M3E/having the time to create a new version.
  11. Our current plan is to test the system for the rest of this year with the few events that are left to run, (I think the only two are the event in GTS that has already happened and My upcoming event in Girona. and then reset for 2018. We really want the Spanish Malifaux scene to grow and become one of the important metas (after the UK, US and Australia) Next stage is for events to be announced far enough in advance that people are able to travel around the country.
  12. I'll be running my the first tournament at Helheim Gaming club in Banyoles. 50ss gaining grounds Starting at 10am, This club has limited space so places will be given out on a first come irst served basis! As always please contact me for any further info!
  13. I'll be running a 50ss gaining grounds 17 tournament on Saturday 9th December at CAWA girona gaming club,Girona During the day i'll also be offering demos to anybody that wants to try out Malifaux! Feel free to arrive from 9am and flips will start at 9:30! feel free to pm me if you need any info on how to get there etc etc!
  14. Nathan is the Boss of wyrd, I'd suggest you listen to what he says. However i'd love some form of expansion for PWU.
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