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Guild Lady Justice vs Resser Nicodem


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Hey guys!

I haven't given up on these battle reports yet! Valentine's Day ruined my Monday post schedule, so now you get a game on Wednesday. Prehaps my future battle reports will also be on Wednesdays to give me more time for creating/editing.

Enough about that. Check out this awesome game between Lady J and Nicodem!


The strategy was Head Hunter with lots of killing schemes. 

Find out who ended up ahead!

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I enjoy your battle reports - a lot of work into it!  Maybe a 'whole board' shot would be good at the end of each turn to give a clearer picture of who is where?

Looks like the Austringer was a great addition for this scheme/strat....

I've never really gotten my head around the benefit of pine boxing LJ, when she can move faster up the table by herself.  And do a lot of damage as well.


Is it really just so that you can choose when she comes into play and start attacking models already tied up, damaged or activated rather than cop some early hits?

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I try to include an overall picture of the board at the end of every turn. Sometimes I forget. Thanks for the input.

As for Lady J, my opponent did mention he felt he misplayed her. Maybe the tactic works for something neither of us understand. She only got one activation before Bete put her down.

The austringer put in so much work. There was no good way to get at him either. Turns out Guild are good at Headhunter.

Next Wednesday I'll have a overview of a local tournament I'm playing in. Not sure how many pics I'll get. Atleast an overview of the crews and end of turns. 

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Nice report - thank you!

It seems that the Guildie played more focused on the mission and won due to it. But it is true that Nico's Summoning left quite a bit to be desired (but then again, so did LJ's killing ability :P). But a close game and an exciting report. Good stuff!

Note that Bete killing something Living technically does give her Fast but since it's on her Activation it doesn't do anything and is removed at the end of her Activation. In this game, though, there was a Death Marshall that was killed near Bete so she actually was Fast when she killed Lady Justice but she wouldn't have been Fast when she went after the Exorcist.

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