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Back After 5 Years

Old Man Gloom

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 So, I began playing Malifaux back in 2010 and ended up leaving home for 5 years unable to play the game. I'm back now but, literally everything has changed. At one point there were 3 local gaming stores (Fat Cat's, TDS and Showcase) within the area and now they're all closed. In addition to that the closest gaming store is an hour away from home. The game itself has evolved quite a bit and I honestly have no idea where to start. Needless to say I’m a little overwhelmed and would greatly appreciate any advice.


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First of all, welcome back!

There's a few resources you can use:

http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/ is a good site to look at to see general things for models.

There's now a starter set, with some Guild/Neverborn models and basic rules - thats usually a good bet.

However, if you don't feel like buying that, you can buy just the rules for 2nd ed in a small rulebook:


obviously you can get it from places other than wyrd, but this was the easiest one to link :P


Any questions, feel free to ask :)

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If you can find them the wave 1 & 2 arsenal decks have updated cards for any models you still have, but they are out of print now, the alternative is:


This site sells individual cards, and can print off the whole arsenal deck if you need it, just don't buy the deck box, it jacks the shipping up a ton, and I think might be automatically checked when it goes into the shopping cart, so if shipping seems insane make sure it's just the cards you are getting.

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According to wyrd the arsenal boxes were intended to be a bridge for those who were transitioning from 1e to 2e, so for the first few years they kept them in stock. But as a product they don't feel it makes sense to keep them in stock indefinitely as the order to sales rate just keeps dropping over time. After a certain point it just didn't make economic sense anymore. The PoD cards make it possible for those getting back in later to get what they need, and I like that I can now replace damaged and lost cards.

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Welcome to Malifaux.  What Faction(s) have you played/are you interested in playing?

I have to say that, though my LGS is only a mere 40 minutes away and the community in Western Mass. is pretty robust, work schedule conflicts and such can get in the way of playing as much as I'd like.  I've found that going to different gaming conventions and tournaments is a great way to spam pickup games and get some friendly competitive experience.  The community is super welcoming and will help out with learning the new rules interactions and get you up to speed. 

Another way to get some practice is on Vassal.  Many players there are also happy to help with learning the 2nd edition as well as the Malifaux Vassal interface.

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I'm a die hard Res player. I picked up the game back in early 2010. Started out playing Seamus and he's still my favorite. Played every master for the Resurrectionists except for Tara and played some Guild as well as some Outcast. Everything I have right now in the way of models is 1st gen.

I am familiar with the Warmachine/Hordes Vassel but, I'm not sure if the Malifaux Vassel is similar to that one.

Thanks You^_^

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Well, it's going to take some adjustment since Molly is now a master and no longer a Henchmen i can't just take her with Seamus anymore. However, to me he's a very straight forward master and I still like his versatility/mobility. I do appreciate the fact that the characters are now more balanced thanks to upgrades.

I had played Kirai many times when she was first released and I'm excited to see how she works with the new game mechanics. Does she still has a similar synergy with Night Terrors as far as movement? I haven't really been able to read up on her in detail.

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