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  1. Old Man Gloom

    December 5th - TOS Allegiances

    Seriously, can't stop watching this video. I'm torn between The King's Empire and The Cult of The Burning Man. Thank you Wyrd for setting the standard! Your miniatures are awesome and I'm really looking forward to playing something on a bigger scale again. I dumped so much money in PP for years and finally gave up due to the subpar quality of their miniatures since switching to plastic/resin. So again, THANK YOU!
  2. Old Man Gloom

    December 5th - TOS Allegiances

    I'm really liking the Cult, can't wait to see more.
  3. Old Man Gloom

    Thanks For Everything!

    Thank you so much for everything you've invested into Wyrd and the gaming community, you will be missed!
  4. Old Man Gloom

    July 18th - New Crews

  5. Old Man Gloom

    June 20 - Nellie Cochrane

    Interesting but, I don't think she'll be my flavor.
  6. Old Man Gloom

    June 6 - Sandeep

    Hm... very interesting indeed. Can't wait for the new book!
  7. Old Man Gloom

    May 30 - Asami

    I can't wait for the next book to come out, it's killing me!
  8. Old Man Gloom

    May 9 - Carlos Vasquez

    Hmm... very interesting indeed.
  9. Old Man Gloom

    May 2 - Malifaux Vintage

  10. Old Man Gloom

    Sculpts: Old vs. New

    This is in no way a jab at Wyrd so, let me make that clear. I noticed that as time progressed that the quality of detail in Wyrd miniatures actually got worse up until they switched over to plastic. The new stuff looks amazing and the amount of detail is perfect. However, there are a FEW of the old ones that still look better to me. Anyone else feel the same? Examples IMO: Streamborg Executioner, Grave Spirit, Sebastian, Mortimer, Necrotic Machine, Teddy, Bete Noire, Silurid
  11. Old Man Gloom

    Better of (Un)dead

    How long did that take you? That's incredible!
  12. Old Man Gloom

    Better Off (Un)Dead - Tiryna

    That's some really nice work! Seriously, great job.
  13. Old Man Gloom

    April 18 - A New Pursuit

    Gremlin witch doctor? Very interesting, especially if he can use and/or summon wicked dolls. Hm...
  14. Old Man Gloom

    March 28 - A New Silurid

    I never had much interest in the silurids but, now...
  15. Old Man Gloom

    March 14 - Thrace

    Looks really nice, can't wait!