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  1. Shadowfane

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    So.... I hesitate to ask this, since I don't want to sound negative.... But have you actually deleted Masters such as Lilith/Nico/Collodi from the game?...
  2. Well, in all honesty, I didn't exactly maximise Raspy's damage potential - I think I remembered to use Bite of Winter... once? And never with Raspy :p Plus I agree with what Swig said during the game in that our little meta isn't really friendly to damage-focused Masters. Granted I still have a slight obsession with Lilith and Pandora, but they're both about much more than just damage.
  3. So, if I learned anything from the game yesterday, it was this: Never make decisions about crews for games when you have a fever... We had some snow in our area of the uk again last week/weekend, and at the same time I came down with a fever, and on the saturday, there was some discussion over our groups whatsup group about how, since the snow only turned up whenver I booked time off, I was clearly the herald of winter. That then transformed into my thought of...."Fuck it, I'm playing Raspy" So for this game I abandoned my usual Neverborn, and pulled out my Arcanists, using the following crew: Raspy - Cold Nights, Decembers Pawn, Enveloped in Ice. Wendigo Snowstorm: Sub Zero December Acolyte 2x Ice Gamin 2x Ice Dancer. I had some vague ideas of using the Dancers to zip around and drop Scheme markers for Covert Breakthrough, and murdering things with Raspy for Dig their Graves, and it..... kinda worked? Well, Raspy murdered things, although only once where I got points for it, and my Dancers got held up by Shen Long and his crew of janky bullshit :P Seriously, in Ours, the Emissary, Sensei Lu and Izamu is a brutal combination. I think the game ended after turn 4.... 5-3 to Vaiuri as I recall, and left me with a resolve to not move away from my Neverborn again anytime soon!
  4. Sounds like a fun game - it always does amuse me how Suvalas tends to be the person who makes you almost rage-quit a game! Plus I think out of all the games we play, Malifaux os the best one for that, because as long as you focus on the schemes/strats, you can always make a game out of it. Anyway, next week it's Vai and myself playing, with the following pool: Flank Deployment Strategy: Ours (again! clearly me playing Neverborn means I only ever get to play this strat...) Schemes: Guarded Treasure, Recover Evidence, Dig their Graves, Covert Breakthrough, Public Demonstration. Currently I have about 6 crews built for this - mostly because Vaiuri has either not decided on the faction she's playing yet, or she has, but just hasn't told me yet..... *taps fingers impatiently*
  5. I won't be there this week (night shifts are a pain) - so I'm going to take a guess at Masters used, if nothing else! Swig - whilst I suspect it'll be Molly, I'm actually going to guess Seamus - bamfing around seems like it'd be good for Symbols, and a 4/6/8 damage track against Gremlins seems like it'll be good in Punish the Weak. Also, Belles are likely to be a huge annoyance in Symbols, dragging Gremlins away from Swigs Symbols markers, etc. Suvalas - I reckon it's going to be Ma again - he enjoys playing him, and she seems like she'd be good in this for much the same reasons as Seamus, to be honest - some movement tricks, and high damage on a model that would help do a scheme just be hitting things.
  6. Well, let me know if you pick arcanists (My grumbling about it aside) - I think I *might* have bits of the faction you don't, so I can bring them along for you to use
  7. I used it all of once But I still think it's quite good - an attack that only needs to draw to do 4 damage (potentially) from 18 inches away is nasty. The condition requirement is a little unfortunate, but it's easy enough to manage - especially since it can just as easily be a condition they've put on themselves
  8. So hey, we played a game this week! Having said that, I want to point out that myself and Suvalas (who played) were not exactly at our best this week - he was recovering from an illness, and I was recovering from night shifts and the resulting 4ish hours of sleep With that said: Corner Deplyoment, Ours, Dig their graves, Guarded Treasure, Undercover Entourage, Show of Force, Take prisoner. Me with Neverborn, and Suvalas with Gremlins - given I've never played against them, I had no idea what to expect, so just took some old models I wanted to give another try to, and some new models I'd never used: Zoraida (cache5): Powerful Control, Poisoned Fate, Hex Bag Iggy: Depression Hooded Rider: A thousand faces (seriously, how good is this upgrade?) Mysterious Emissary: Conflux of Fate 2x Will o= the Wisp 2x Waldgeist I took show of force and entourage - in hindsight, if I was going to take entourage, I really should have taken Animal shape, but I was tired, and also, I wanted to try out her new toys (the last time I played Zoraida was before the Wisps). After seeing that the only non-master upgrade on the other side was on Burt (or the pig, I can't remember which, but only one), I figured I could use Iggy for Show of Force so he could hide there whilst burning the Doll, and it wouldn't cost me too many SS of models to count for Ours. I ended up facing an old, crotchety gremlin with an enormous Wooden Spoon, and a bunch of short green dudes with guns and a couple of bells - oh, and an oversized pig. We called it at the end of turn 3 due to time (we were so slow!) with a score of 3-2 in my favour, having scored the Strat twice and Show of Force once - obviously, Zoraida wasn't anywhere near the other half of the board by then... Whilst I feel that Zoraida is much improved since last time I used her, I don't actually feel I used her all that well.... more practice is required, I think! Mind you, Iggy plus the Doll is.... not pleasant. I also like how the Emissary feels very different in this crew compared to with Titania - much less about the Hungry Land markers, more about the card manipulation. I don't think much more detail is required, since it wasn't the most exciting game, really - I'd managed to (not deliberately) build a crew quite different from my normal one, in that it didn't really want to close up and engage, but instead hang back and let things burn to death and whatnot, and Suvalas didn't really engage much either, so we mostly moved for advantage, I got shot, and he got Hemmed a lot
  9. It's all good! It gives me more time to paint my models before I play Suvalas - I'm not a fan of playing unpainted models, although with all the new stuff thats come out, I haven't had much choice. So, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, then turn that into a fizzy version of Black Blood and throw it at Gremlins...
  10. Curses! The Arcanists strike once more with Rasputina's power over winter leaving the other factions to cast about in dismay, their plans and schemes in tatters... Or, in other words, this bloody weather we're having here in the UK atm has forced the cancellation of this weeks game (mostly down to me - Vai, Swig and Suvalas leave nearer the city, whereas I live in the hills, and currently can't get my car off my street...) But never fear, we'll be back next week (I hope...)
  11. Shadowfane

    Vaiuri Paints Malifaux

    Oi! Stop stealing my secondary faction, you! I do quite like the tentacles though
  12. Ah, yes, I should mention that: I own basically everything for Neverborn that's come out in plastic except the Spawn Mother/Gupps and the Crossroad 7 The only reason I've ruled out Lilith is that I used her almost exclusively when we first started learning, and want to learn the other Masters (in this case, Titania, Dreamer, Collodi, Lucius, and Zoraida and Pandora - those last two get a pass because I like their styles and I have them painted )
  13. I mean, if this becomes a regular thing (ie, if I get bored enough on a regular enough basis to keep doing it...) then sure. But this time? Probably not, given that I actually showed both you and Swig the crew I'm taking next week... that might be a little too much of an advantage, no?....
  14. Because I'm bored, I thought I'd put something a little different up... I actually have no idea who's reading this (I'd like to think at least one or two apart from the four of us are...), so just for something fun, I thought I'd put next weeks Deployment, Strats and Schemes up, along with the factions being used, and see if people want to guess Masters/crews being taken? I mean, obviously there's no prize, unless you count the smug feeling you get when you correctly guess someone's mindset.... so I guess that's a prize? Bear in mind that, for me, at least, my crew is set in stone for next weeks games (I've had it built for the past week and a half, and nothing is going to change it now...) so in no way will you be helping me against Suvulas (or him against me, I'm fairly certain he's picked his crew as well, but for safety's sake, just do my Master/crew until he posts to say his crew is set?) So.... Me: Neverborn Suvalas: Gremlins Corner Deployment Strategy: Ours Schemes: Dig their graves, Guarded Treasure, Undercover Entourage, Show of Force, Take prisoner. And just to be fair, the one Master I have guaranteed I'm not taking is Lilith. Aaaaaand..... go! (No, this entire post wasn't just written because I'm waiting for green stuff to cure and I'm booooored...... not at all...)