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Does Wesley "inherit" upgrades?

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Hi guys!

I thought of a question while playing with my beloved Brewmaster yesterday. We all know that Wesley is always ready to pick up where the Brewmaster left of, and he is doing a fine job at it as well. But I never had to consider this before yesterday:

Does the "new Brewmaster" have the same upgrades as the old one? Wesley's ability only says summon a Brewmaster miniature but nothing about the old one, so I am guessing it does not get the upgrades "for free"...?

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Core Rulebook, page 51:

Summoning and Upgrades

When a model is summoned it is summoned without any Upgrades. Unless a rule specifically states otherwise, summoned models may not have any Upgrades when they are summoned.

 and "There must always be one" just summons a new brewmaster and sacrifices Wesley.  No "inheritance", duplication, or transfer of upgrades (or even conditions) specified.

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